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Obama: America's god-emperor

Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, also known as Caligula, was the emperor of Rome from A.D. 37 to 41. It is generally accepted by historians that he probably murdered Tiberius, his predecessor, and also killed off his cousin, whom Tiberius had appointed co-ruler with Caligula upon his death. Caligula became something of a cult curiosity during the last century, particularly in the media (a handful of films were made about him), most likely because he was Rome’s most depraved emperor.

Showcasing the ancient ruler’s depravity in a society that was itself fast becoming markedly depraved made for titillating entertainment, I suppose – as well as garnering moviegoers’ dollars.

Caligula also believed he was a god. No, really: Shortly after he ascended to his high office, Caligula reportedly suffered from some sort of terrible physical malady that laid him up for weeks. When he recovered – if you could call it that – he revealed to his family and advisers that he had undergone a transfiguration that left him “a god.” There are a plethora of stories detailing his subsequent unhinged escapades – that he married and impregnated his sister, then eviscerated her and ate the fetus being among them. It is likely that some of these are Roman urban legends, but others are well-documented.

While his predecessors had gotten away with a lot, Caligula was the first of the Roman emperors to wholly disregard the Roman Senate and wield absolute power. He was said to have delighted in watching torture and executions, and spent his nights in orgies of gluttony and lust. His tendencies toward public sexual degeneracy and the summary execution of individuals for trifles offended even the questionable Roman sensibilities of the day. The Praetorian Guard assassinated him in January of 41.

Although it hasn’t been popularly acknowledged, America has herself a real, live emperor, and the reason I go so far as to compare him to Caligula (as opposed to other Roman emperors) has to do with his apparent belief that he can do nearly anything he wants (even if it is actually carried out by minions) with no concern for the consequences.

Like a god.

Barack Obama may not be bat-crap crazy like Caligula, but he could be unstable, and he is certainly acting in an autocratic, even dictatorial modality. His Executive Orders are legion and peppered with marginally constitutional, baleful undertones and motives.

Obama initiated a military campaign against Libya without the benefit of congressional approval, as well as subsequent clandestine operations in that nation. At the same time that these became a potential political liability, there was an attack on the American mission in Benghazi, Libya, that resulted in the deaths of four Americans. The administration has lied and lied again about the events attendant to this and has sequestered or gagged the survivors thereof.

Now, Obama is considering a military campaign against beleaguered Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, who is locked in a death-struggle with rebels with whom our president has long-standing ties. The pretext for this action is Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons against the insurgents and civilians, despite the fact that, as reported by WND, it may actually have been Obama’s own allies who carried out the attack in order to engender international sympathy.

Obama has fomented division between ethnic groups, gender groups, religious groups and demographics in America. As I have stated, the recent increase in black-on-white crime is the result of his administration’s machinations, occasionally through the direct action of federal departments.

Under Obama, thousands of Americans have been targeted and harassed by the National Security Agency, the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Justice, to name but a few. On several occasions, Obama has openly stated his intention to circumvent Congress if they failed to comply with his wishes. His Cabinet has contained avowed communists; there are Muslim Brotherhood operatives in government agencies; and a black militant was recently revealed to be in a sensitive position in the Department of Homeland Security, which itself views patriots as extremists while ignoring radicals who advocate murder and terrorism.

This May, it was revealed that Fox News chief Washington correspondent James Rosen was investigated by the DOJ on the pretext of alleged criminal activities, and in June, CBS News reported that their correspondent Sharyl Attkisson’s computer was hacked by “an unauthorized, external, unknown party on multiple occasions” after her investigation into Justice Department misfeasance. At this point, it is probably a matter of the flip of a coin as to whether Obama or his sinister CIA director (and alleged closet Muslim), John Brennan, pushed the button on the late journalist Michael Hastings, who was reportedly investigating the latter.

And I haven’t even gotten into Obamacare, which is to the Constitution what the Satanic Bible is to Scripture.

My question is: How much more evidence do we need?

Probably a lot, since Obama represents the vanguard of the political left’s final push for pre-eminence in America. Over the last hundred years, we have had progressives, old-school communists, unions, liberal intellectuals and socialists of varying stripes insinuating themselves into positions of power for this very juncture in history. More recently (over the last 50 years), the press and entertainment media have been instrumental in paving the way.

They believe that this is their time, and if a monumental effort is not made to neutralize them, it may well be.

Unfortunately, people like Obama – and Caligula – inevitably devour or destroy everything within their reach, whether it be the people closest to them, those in their charge, or the nations they lead. The citizens of Rome could see the danger they were in, but at least they had the benefit of their insane emperor operating completely without restraint or buffers. Thus, it was easier for those who ultimately took action to justify doing so.

Not that I’m making any suggestions, mind you …

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