Remembering “Shorty”

Twitter and blogsites like this one honored and remembered Delbert “Shorty” Belton last week, the 88-year-old WWII veteran who was beaten to death by two black youths who allegedly used long-handled flashlights to smash his face and head as he sat in his car waiting for a friend.

WeaselZippers blog wrote, “One of the reasons he was waiting in the car where he was attacked was to walk a lady into the lodge, so she would be safe. As the people are noting, a gentleman to the end, who would do anything for anybody.”

In Spokane, Twitterer Greg Allmain @FoolishReporter tweeted photos of a vigil held in Delbert Belton’s honor last Friday night at the Eagles Lodge where the 88-year-old WWII Veteran was beaten to death.

A large contingent of motorcyclists gathered for a ride-by in honor of Belton, as the sizable crow held candles, displayed the flag Belton fought for in Okinawa, sang patriotic songs, and listened to remembrances from those who knew him: “He was a real good friend, a very good friend.”

He’d give you the shirt off his back if he knew you were in need.” And, “This is not a racial thing. We are people. We aren’t supposed to kill each other, beat each other to death.”

Allmain tweeted a sentiment that surely reflected those gathered in the Eagles Lodge parking lot and around the country: “What happened to him was wrong in so many ways. I came here tonight because I wanted to honor a vet. I didn’t know him.”

Semper Fidelis, Shorty. Rest in peace.

Where’s Waldo?

Elsewhere on the Internet, questions abound about why President Obama had not issued a statement on the heinous crime.

Or for that matter, this crime either, in which Louise Sollowin, a 93-year-old Omaha, Neb., grandmother, was raped and beaten to death by a 19-year-old illegal alien who has been charged with her murder. Or the brutal murder of Australian Christopher Lane in Duncan, Okla., whose killers tweeted their intentions. Crickets from the White House …

Actor Ken Wahl tweeted, “It’s a shame BO couldn’t have a kid that would look like . Maybe THEN he’d mention the TRAGEDY about him like he did w/Trayvon!”

Musician Charlie Daniels issued several tweets about the vicious Belton crime: “Delbert Belton, I honor your service to America . Your nation has turned it’s back on what you fought for and is slowly bleeding to death.”

“Somebody in the Obama administration needs to come forth and at least acknowledge the brutal murder of one of America’s dwindling WW2 vets.”

And this:

When Twitterer “Betsyj” created the hashtag #JusticeForDelbertBelton, actor James Woods retweeted it to his 42,000-plus followers. On Saturday, he sent out this zinger:

@JoeSimonetti tweeted: ” #JusticeForDelbertBelton #justiceforchristopherlane too”, a reminder of yet another vicious killing last week of Australian Chris Lane on an Oklahoma city street by members of the Trayvon-hoodie feral generation.

@NolteNC tweeted: “Hi @BarackObama could you RT this man’s name so it trends. I’m sure an advisor can explain who he is.

#MillionHoodies “Virtual” March

Meanwhile, so-called funny girl Kathy Griffin decided she’d join the march for – wait for it – hoodies. Throwing in with the Trayvon-wanne-bes who roam the streets solo or in packs, Griffin tweeted that she’s joining a “virtual million hoodie march” on Washington. A publicity stunt to appeal to love-sick followers like this one? Naw…

The vulgar comedian’s tweet attracted immediate blowback:

“You are another useful idiot. What about ? How about apologizing to Australia for ?”

And, “You just lost a fan. How about joining for who gave you the freedom to even have a show.”

Picking up where we left off …

More mockery of President 44. Since last week’s column, the ridiculing of President Obama has continued unabated.

Comic Gilbert Gottfried tweeted:

Michelle Malkin launched a photo caption contest about the president’s athletic “prowess”:

Best entries:

“On his last leg” – @OleSwamp

“You didn’t kick that!” – @sgbrown68

“Without teleprompter, Obama stumped.” – @jimgeraghty

Satire blog Michelle’s Mirror recapped Obama’s “College Bound and Down tour,” blogging, “Because there wasn’t much of anything else of import going on, Big Guy took to the open road last week to resume his mythical ‘How I saved America’ tour.”

Hashtagging POTUS’ post-Martha’s Vineyard two-day tour of college campuses generated a flurry of funnies attached to #ObamaTourBusNames.

The Twitchy team wrote: “Obama launched his two-day college affordability bus tour on Thursday, pausing only for a photo op in which he pretended to be the president. He botched the Buffalo mayor’s name at the tour kickoff, but there’s no botching the mockery of President Choom’s Mystery Machine.”

“Rolling Blunder” – @TheMorningSpew

“Greyhound: It’s What’s for Dinner” – @VodkaPundit

“Another Bump in the Road” – @KbomzKevin

“If I Had A Bus It Would Look Like This One” – @benshapiro

“I dont know the name, but his white grandmother is under it.” – @gtrburn

Warning! Your child’s smartphone apps

A trend police and reporters are seeing more of – a pervert uses a smart phone to reel in a victim. In this case, the victim was a 16-year-old boy vacationing with his family at a popular amusement resort near Orlando, FL. The 43-year-old perv hit up the teen for a chat on an App used by gay men (search “apps commonly used by gay men” and find dozens of them). The boy had convinced his parents to let him go to the park by himself where he rendezvoused with the perv, was taken to perv’s home for sex and nude photos. The boy’s father later discovered the illicit chats and photos on his son’s phone. The perv told police he’s done this so many times, he can’t remember this specific one.

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