“I’m just going to keep on throwing ideas out there to see if something takes.”

That’s Barack Obama’s management style in a nutshell.

I didn’t make it up. That’s what he said himself while visiting Chattanooga, Tenn., last week where he was mau-mauing again about how he’s trying to “create jobs.”

Not only did he say it. He’s proud of having said it – so proud he posted the whole pathetic speech on the White House website.

First he attached himself to the remarkable success of Amazon – something he clearly had nothing to do with. People are shopping at Amazon because it’s convenient and eliminates the necessity to drive to a store. Obama can take credit for being a deterrent to driving. That’s because he intentionally drove up gas prices because he wants Americans driving less.

He has done that deliberately in many ways:

  • blocking the building of new oil pipelines;
  • keeping us dependent on foreign oil;
  • raising gasoline taxes;
  • shutting down offshore drilling;
  • enforcing tough new regulations on domestic exploration and pumping;
  • subsidizing at taxpayer expense worthless and failed solar and wind energy experiments;
  • spreading fraudulent conspiracy stories about “global warming.”

Not only is Obama throwing ideas out there all the time. He’s also throwing out bald-faced lies, like this one:

“So the point is, if Washington spent as much time and energy these past two years figuring out how to grow our economy and grow our middle class as it’s spent manufacturing crises in pursuit of a cut-at-all-costs approach to deficits, we’d be much better off,” he told Tennesseans. “We’d be much better off. And it’s not like we don’t have to cut our deficits. As a share of the economy, we’ve cut our deficits by nearly half since I took office. Half. And they’re projected to go down even further, but there’s a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it. And we should do it in a way that actually helps middle-class families instead of hurts them.”

How is this possible? The economy is not growing under five years in the Obamanation. And the deficit has increase more than $1 trillion per year under his watch – with no end in sight. In fact, when anyone suggests the slightest, most meager cut or even a freeze in government spending, Obama has a hissy fit and insists any such effort would cripple the economy he has already crippled.

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Sadly, too many low-information voters believe anything this guy says. That’s why he wants to import millions more and provide a sweeping amnesty program for millions already here illegally.

Obama doesn’t do anything to help Americans in economic trouble. Just the opposite. His policies are ensuring more Americans will be hurt. But he keeps on telling a different story – creating a kind of virtual reality his friends in the major media are only too happy to help him mythologize. In the meantime, he is hooking more and more Americans on dependency – a surefire recipe for economic implosion and chaos.

In addition, to the best of his ability, he cooks the books to minimize the indebtedness he is inflicting on America, the unemployment numbers, the continued flight of manufacturing from America, etc. It’s a one-man chorus of misinformation turned into disinformation from an adoring media.

Here’s one of his brilliant ideas, right from the horse’s mouth. He calls it his fourth-best idea: “We’ve got to export more. We want to send American goods all around the world.”

Export what? You have to make something to export it.

Furthermore, he’s the president, but he acts like he is merely an idea machine – everyone else in Washington is failing, not him: “So here’s – those are some of the ideas that we’re out there, we’re promoting. We’re not lacking for ideas, we’re just lacking action, especially out of Washington.”

How long can even stupid people be fooled by this kind of demagoguery?

It’s like he says: “I’m just going to keep on throwing ideas out there to see if something takes.”

Even his handpicked audience in Tennessee had to guffaw at that line.

Obama said: “There are no gimmicks that create jobs. There are no simple tricks to grow the economy. Growing the economy, making sure that the middle class is strong is like getting in shape. You can’t just go on the muffin and doughnut diet and the latest fad and lose weight. You’ve got to work out and you’ve got to eat better. Well, the same is true for our economy. The same is true for helping the middle class.”


First he lists all the gimmicks and simple tricks he wants to try to stimulate the economy and create jobs, then he says there are no gimmicks and simple tricks.

He was right the first time. If government wants to create jobs, it needs to get out of the way of the private sector, stop the taxing and spending and regulating freight train, and lower the barriers for employers to grow their companies – starting with Obamacare!

That’s the only way to stimulate the economy and create new jobs. Anything else government does in Washington is, by definition, a gimmick, a simple trick.


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