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One nation under fire

China is big. The People’s Republic can boast amazing achievements in the 21st century. It has the world’s second largest economy, the largest population on Earth, global investments and lucrative trade deals, and yet China feels secure without the need for global interventionism. What is its secret?

China is effectively battling a jihadist insurgency in its west without having to wage a “global war on terror.” It shares a border with Vladimir Putin’s Russia and does not feel the need to promote – impose – Chinese buccaneer capitalism around the world to feel secure from Russian aggression. Perhaps most importantly, international jihadists, separatists and global thugs don’t spend their days plotting against China. For such a large and powerful country, China knows how to keep a low profile.

Overall, the nation is doing a better job lifting its people out of poverty than Barack Obama’s United States. The gentleman from Chicago should take note.

America’s problem stems from the incompetent national security strategies pursued since 1990. Past American wars led to periods of peace and stability. The last generation of political leaders found that victories over their chosen opponents have only produced new national security threats.

Two wars against Iraq have resulted in a stronger Iran. A failed occupation in Afghanistan has generated hatred and led to increased instability in Pakistan. The U.S. supported elections in Gaza, and then marginalized the victorious Hamas. Hypocrites, they called us. The muted American response to coup in Egypt is not likely to produce many who would question that opinion.

American presidents talked a good game about people power but didn’t support the Iranian people’s demonstrations. Weapons of mass destruction programs have some advantages. Just ask Gadhafi; he felt the gratitude of American power after he gave up his WMD program. He was lynched. And we still do not know what Mr. Obama was really doing in Benghazi, but it is a safe bet he did not have approval from Congress. It was obviously a bad idea and a failure.

These are just a few of the strategic reverses and errors United States has suffered due to incompetent leadership.

Meanwhile many of the world’s “bad guys” think the United States is the power standing in the way of their settling whatever local – read far away from North America – score they are fighting about.

Meanwhile China reaps the benefits of commerce and industry while we pay the bill for the Bush-Obama Pax Americana. Oh the joys and being second best.

A one-nation agenda would put America first and moved toward a generation of peace and redevelopment rather than perpetual neocon and neo-progressive wars.

These failures will continue until the American people decide that they are tired of being badly led.