Paula Deen and Michelle Obama

Fried pickles with orange sauce. Buttered grits with salt. Pecan pie, warm, with whipped cream. Southerners know how to rock the food, so it is no surprise that a Southerner like Paula Deen rose to the top of the charts with her recipes from down home.

But something went terribly wrong with the recipe.

The statist attack machine, fueled by anti-Southern bigotry, went into full attack mode when it detected use of the “N”-word by a Southern white woman. Many patriots jumped to the defense of Paula Deen like batter pops on a hot griddle because the initial reaction of conservatives is to defend anyone against injustice. I, for one, have no pity for Paula.

I lived in the South for long enough to leave my heart there, and I know the heart of a Southerner. I know the generosity and pride that runs deep in the heart of a Southerner. Paula Deen may have been from the South, but she is no Southerner, or she couldn’t have supported everything contrary to basic Southern values. She traded her Southern street cred for a life of name-dropping and money-grubbing that has now traded her like a soggy, old, fried pickle.

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Paula Deen has been profiting from conservative Southerners for years, and then hobnobbing with the sort of people who have made life difficult for the South. She befriended those who killed jobs, took away guns and extracted liberty – not Southern. A few weeks before the 2008 presidential election, Paula Deen was over the Moon Pie to get to hang out with soon-to-be first lady Michelle Obama. The two had a sweet time campaigning … (ahem) partying on Deen’s Food Network show.

Michelle Obama isn’t the only statist Deen promotes. She clings like frosting on cake to the Hamas-supporting, Israel-bashing Jimmy Carter.

Paula Deen with former President Jimmy Carter

If there were any questions about her greasy alliances, those were cleared up when Bill Maher and Al Sharpton jumped to her defense. Sharpton tried to call off the PC police, but it was too little, too late.

I wonder how many emails the NSA intercepted from Al Sharpton saying, “Wait! She is one of us!” The machine did exactly what Al Sharpton and the race baiters have programmed it to do over all these years: It ate her lunch.

There isn’t much conservatives can smile about these days, but this is the kind of poetic justice that happens occasionally that is cool as grits. Every once in a while, the apparatus the left has built gobbles down one if its own.

There are other examples.

The porn industry that the left heralds as a beacon of free speech is being threatened by big-government regulators. Suddenly, porn producers are remembering their Constitution. They’re looking to the courts for help now that the government beast they’ve been feeding has suddenly turned on them. The courts, however, have been stacked with statist judges who enjoy being in control of the heavy hand of government.

Last week, a federal judge denied their request to stop this infringement on their right to make raunchy porn. How dare the government tell them how to make their dirty movies! The condom regulation only applies to Los Angeles County, so porn production companies are now ceasing production or heading for the county line.

That is reminiscent of the smoking bans that caused mass business closures. My favorite restaurant was one that couldn’t keep its doors open after a ban was put into place. Few stood up to defend the rights of those business owners to run their business as they chose.

Statists didn’t mind small business owners losing their life’s work as long as it wasn’t their friends. In the case of my favorite restaurant, the Russian immigrant took his own life after the statists shut down his family business. But predictably, now we find that smoking bans have put some environmentalists into another one of these amusing quandaries.

Get your kettle corn for this one!

There is a study that found when birds use cigarette butts to build their nests, it repels parasites. Somehow, these birds have figured that out. Environmentalists have to love that. On the one hand, they want cigarette smoking to be outlawed, but on the other, they see these little birds are using cigarettes to fight harmful parasites. Make no mistake; there are some environmentalists out there who would like to see people engage in the unhealthy activity of smoking to save birds. Some would rather have the population of birds increased at the expense of the human population.

Statists who love to legislate their morality are now stuck between a rock candy and a Tootsie Roll when trying to decide whether to ban cigarettes or save birds.

Paula Deen is a known supporter of President Obama. His policies are about as Southern as baked tofu. Yet, Southern conservatives continued to support her all these years and still jump to her defense, because that is the loyalty of the South. She produced a good product, and that is all it takes in a capitalist economy to be successful.

Many times, conservatives spend their money with businesses that funnel that money straight to causes and candidates that oppose their freedom. People on the left usually call for a boycott against businesses whose owners or mission conflict with their statist agenda. That is not the American conservative’s style. People on the right like to be for something.

That is the idea behind BUYcott. A few weeks ago, I reminisced of the days when I called for the BUYcott of Arizona and Whole Foods. Conservatives do have the power to control who they support.

Paula Deen learned the hard way where supporting big-government politicians will get you – in a pot of boiling water. I can’t promise you that if you support businesses who support freedom and the Constitution that you won’t someday find the PC police or the government regulators knocking at your door. But, I can promise you will have a clean conscience and a lot more allies when they do come-a-knockin.’

The parties have reached an agreement of some sort, but rest assured that Paula Deen’s comeback will be as smooth as chunky peanut brittle. Statists won’t know quite where to put her, and Southerners won’t forget what she traded for fame.

Ms. Deen got what comes to those who align themselves with statism. Bless her little heart.

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