In the purview of many blacks, color of skin trumps all else. It doesn’t matter that Obama is unequivocally the worst president in history, nor that empirical analysis supports that fact. It matters not at all to the majority of black Americans that for all the tears of joy shed because a color had been elected to the White House and along with all of the cheers of gleeful expectation that the color in the White House would swing open the gates of providence bestowing upon them the long-awaited gifts of fortune owed them, in actuality these very people are worse off today than at any time since the Carter administration.

But the denial isn’t just a river in Egypt, as the saying goes – it is the mantra and the dogma for many black Americans. And it leads to their own disaffection and alienation.

The only thing Obama, the great color in the White House, has done to fulfill the long-awaited promises these folks have dreamed of since slavery (think of the cries for reparations) is increase their food stamp rations, increase their welfare benefits and increase unemployment amongst them (when it is broken down by ethnicity.)

It’s no secret that I abhor the idea of a color-coded America and that I fight against same every day. But, specific to that point, for those who are committed to a color-coded America where blacks are encouraged to embrace victimology and immiseration brought on by soulless, conservative, white racists and those such as myself who have long seen the error of that mindset – one would think they would be outraged. But just as love covereth a multitude of sins, so, too, does the color of one’s skin as long as it is liberal enough.

In the minds of blacks, any “brah-tha keepin’ it real” gets a pass. And, even if he doesn’t get a pass in private, it is still verboten to speak ill of him in public. After all, they don’t want to admit the “brah-tha” is a failure.

I was reminded of this when Julian A. Ramsey of Medford, N.J., a “black” paralegal at McCabe, Weisberg, and Conway, LLC, attempted to insult me for – gasp – daring to speak ill of the color in the White House. Ramsey wrote:

[Note: punctuation, grammar, spelling and syntax anomalies are in the original.] “You are a evil traitor. You, and your family was with the white man centuries ago, when the kidnapped us and brought to America. You should be ashamed of yourself. Think about MLK, but than again you may have help kill him. … You look slick, as you said ‘that tide is turning’ well don’t think its about time. You insult yourself, you insult all all of us, when you open your mouth. As I said, you do not represent the majority. If you do should come and disguss your opinions in mostly African American cities. But, we know that you won’t do that. That said, think about what you say and who you hurt. My mother, God rest her soul always said that she won’t live to see an African American President, she was right she died four months before it was a reality. All of us should support him, and talk him in public. If you dislike the current administration that’s fine. But don’t hate in public. You sound like a traitor, uncle tom, don’t go down in history like that. Okay, slick, have a great evening. Peace my Brother.”

When I pointed out that he was not my brother and that he should also do some research, he concluded his display of extraordinarily poor writing skills by responding: “Dude, for real, what are you smoking. And I’ve done my research. I and most could care what you think, I’m not your Brother either, you are a traitor. Plan and simple. No you are insult to all of us.”

Considering the inadequacy of his writing skills – if I were Ramsey, I would be insulted about the school I attended that graduated me with such abysmal skills. Personally, I would also question the law firm he is supposedly employed by. But I digress.

Ramsey is representative of the majority of blacks for whom performance doesn’t matter; color does. Fox News Channel proudly showcases Jehmu Greene, the contumacious, black racist, ACORN member who has taken positions supporting the color in the White House (based solely on his skin pigmentation) that make Al Sharpton look reasoned.

Football legend Jim Brown – who is known as much for throwing his girlfriend off the balcony of their home and publicly castigating black athletes (who actually keep the money they earn and provide for their families) for not pouring their money into the ghetto, as he is for having scored touchdowns – hasn’t been heard from pursuant to the color in the White House who, records show, has personally given practically nothing to the ghetto cause.

There’s been hardly a whisper about reparations since the color took office – despite the fact that Democrats controlled Congress, the White House and the requisite courts to have forced them through. Why aren’t blacks upset about that?

The truth is that in “blackdom” the majority know that the color has failed in delivering on their expectations. Even the Congressional Black Caucus has whispered as much. But because he is the right color with the right amount of ghettoism, they give him a pass as he destroys their hopes for a better tomorrow. But don’t expect Julian Ramsey and those like him to admit it.



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