As a student of survival and preparedness, I often consider the “what ifs” in life. I may never need to use many of the skills I practice and teach to save my life, and I have total peace with that fact. But if a sudden and unexpected survival scenario does occur, chances are it will happen to me only once. I, personally, am not willing to take the gamble.

Today, I’d like to offer a camouflage technique for you to file away in your brain just in case the need ever arises. Modern clothing camouflage is pretty amazing. It comes in almost every pattern and color scheme imaginable. It’s also affordable and readily available at almost every major retailer. Most people (besides military personnel) who own camouflage clothing only wear full camo when hunting. A camouflage outfit isn’t something that is always within quick reach. It’s not hard to imagine (for me at least) a scenario where you might want to disappear but you don’t have access to modern camouflage clothing items. Below are a few examples:

  • You find yourself in a sudden and unexpected survival scenario where you may have to hunt and stalk wild game to stay alive. Blending in among the natural surroundings will be critical to your success.
  • An intruder/attacker chases you from your home into a nearby woods where you must quickly do whatever is necessary to escape and evade.
  • You’re being followed while exercising alone on a long wooded walking trail in a local park and you feel the need to disappear.
  • When the Arabs, Chinese and Russians gang up on America after the financial collapse, you may have a sudden desire to hide in the woods.

Sure, any imaginable instance may seem remote, but this stuff happens, folks. There are people all over the world as you read this article who are desperately hiding in wilderness areas from foreign and domestic threats. Women are stalked by sickos every day in this country and abroad. People’s homes are invaded by wack-jobs in the middle of the night, and unexpected survival scenarios happen to average people on a regular basis. Knowing how to disappear in plain sight just may come in handy one day. Here’s how to do it.

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First, prepare to get muddy. A muddy base layer is important. The edges of creeks and ponds are perfect spots to find gooey mud that you can slather all over yourself. The first step is to smear on a wet, base layer of mud.

Then, while the mud is still wet, grab handfuls of forest floor debris and press it into the mud base layer. Or, you can just roll around on the ground. Leaf litter, twigs and debris will stick to the gooey, wet mud, and you will slowly blend into the environment around you. It is absolutely amazing how effective this primitive method of camouflage is. You can barely make out my hand in the photo below at only about one foot away. This method doesn’t take long either. You can camouflage your entire body is just a few minutes if necessary.

Larger items can be camouflaged in the same manner. Below is a photo series of how I used this same technique to camouflage the front fender of an SUV. Who knows, you may need to hide a vehicle one day in a pinch.

We live in a crazy world. It’s important that we are prepared to do what’s necessary if and when the time comes. Simple primitive camouflage techniques like this one just may save your life one day.

Remember, it’s not IF but WHEN.

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