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Reports: Passport links Benghazi to Egypt

A passport belonging to the alleged killer of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens has been recovered at the home of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood deputy leader Khairat Al-Shater, according to Arabic-language reports from the Middle East.

The reports say the passport was found when Egyptian security forces arrested Al-Shater after the ouster of Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi.

Walid Shoebat, a former PLO operative who is now an analyst of Islam and terrorism, said Arabic language sources El-Fagr and Alrassedalliby.com reported the recovery of the passport of Muhsin Al-Azazi, Stevens’ alleged killer.

The Russian language news site Globe News 24 also reported the find, according to
a Ukraine-based security officer and intelligence analyst who works for a defense and security firm.

Shoebat says it’s possible that Stevens’ passport is in Egypt, but the reports needs further confirmation.

Fox News’ Cynthia Farahat reported that prominent Egyptian television personality Ahmed Moussa tied the Benghazi attack to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

On his television show, he addressed the U. S. ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson, in abstentia, regarding Stevens’ killer.

“Ambassador Stevens was killed in Benghazi, and you know who killed him, the U.S. administration knows who killed him, and you know how he was killed ,and it was a major strike against the U.S. administration, and all of you,” Moussa said on his show.

“The assassin is now present at Rabia Al-Adawiya [mosque protest]. His name is, do you know it or you would like me to inform you? He’s affiliated with al-Qaida in Libya, his name is Mohsen Al-Azazi, his passport was found in the house of Khairat El-Shater.”

Farahat noted Moussa is a well-regarded source who often interviews intelligence agents and high-ranking military personnel on his show and is renowned for breaking intelligence-related news.

Benghazi-Brotherhood link?

Shoebat said the new reports establish a credible link between the Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

“This confirms what a Libyan intelligence document said,” according to Shoebat.

He noted further that Al-Shater’s son told reporters his father “holds secrets” on President Obama that would land him in prison if made public, as WND reported Wednesday.

Shoebat also said in a published report that the U.S. government knows there is a connection between the Benghazi attack and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

“U.S. officials and experts do acknowledge an Egyptian connection to the Benghazi attacks. They’ll point to what they call a ragtag group of jihadists, led by Muhammad Jamal Abdo Al-Kashif (aka Abu Ahmad), known as the Jamal network,” he wrote.

“However, the U.S. administration downplays this Egyptian connection, whereas several Arabic-language sources reveal a much larger connection. It is significant to point out that the first attack against the U.S. embassies on Sept. 11, 2012, happened in Cairo. Egypt was the spark and Egyptians were the agents of both attacks,” said Shoebat.

Shoebat noted that Morsi let al-Kashif out of prison right before Sept. 11, 2012.

“Al-Kashif had been locked up in one of Egypt’s most secure prisons, but he was released by deposed president Mohamed Morsi prior to the attacks. Al-Kashif had been Osama bin Laden’s bodyguard. Morsi was the primary agent behind his release,” Shoebat wrote.

Clare Lopez, senior fellow at the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C., is skeptical of the reports because of President Obama’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

“In the fall of 2012, both the blind sheik’s group and the Egyptian MB had every reason to be hopeful that the Obama administration would eventually accede to their persistent demands to release the blind sheik,” Lopez said.

“After all, Hani Nour Eldin had been received in the White House in June 2012, and Morsi was in power at least in part thanks to the support of the Obama administration, which was and remains totally in the bag for the MB,” Lopez said.

Lopez said it doesn’t make sense that Morsi “would endorse or back in any way a murderous assault on our mission in Libya.”

Israel’s Institute for National Security Studies fellow Benedetta Berti comes down on Lopez’ side.

“I would be very skeptical,” Berti said. “The Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaida affiliated groups, they’re two different groups, and they don’t really work together. There is an Islamist position, but within that you have different factions,” Berti said.

“The more inspired al-Qaida factions don’t really get along with the mainstream Muslim Brotherhood. Yes, they help one another when it comes to fighting the infidels,” Berti said.

Lopez said there’s an entire “industry” of conspiracy theorists who are trying to connect the Muslim Brotherhood to Benghazi.

She said “it is being led by a clutch of Copts, who certainly have every reason to hate them all, but who are pushing a narrative that is lacking in corroboration or verifiable sourcing.”

However, Shoebat is firm. He writes in a report that Arabic sources clearly indicate Morsi and the Brotherhood’s involvement in the Benghazi attacks.

Reports said a leaked Libyan intelligence document from just days after the terror attack also implicates Morsi. The document states that Ansar al-Shariah’s Egypt branch, led by Marjan Salem, was the main player, not the Libyan branch.

“The initial investigation shows that the membership of the group [belongs] to the jihadist group Ansar al-Shariah in Egypt which was established and led by Egyptian cleric Marjan Salem,” Shoebat wrote.

“The most distinguished names that were obtained from the confessions by members of the cell are the president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, Safwat Hijazy and Saudi businessman Mansour Bin Kadasa, the owner of Al-Nas TV station.”

WND reported in September 2012 that evidence surfacing following the Benghazi attacks could lead back to Egypt.