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Speeding taxi jumps curb in NYC

(NEW YORK POST) A speeding taxi cab jumped the curb outside Rockefeller Center this morning, severing at least one foot of a beautiful female British tourist as horrified witnesses — including TV’s “Dr. Oz” — rushed over to help, officials and passers-by said.

A nearby pizza-truck owner grabbed the portion of the ailing young woman’s left leg that had been completely severed below the knee in the 11:19 a.m. horror and put it in a bucket. He then ran around collecting ice from street vendors near the scene at Sixth Avenue and 49th Street to throw on top of the limb.

The truck owner, Max Crespo, then joined other passers-by in grabbing a leash from a woman walking her dog and used it for a tourniquet on the 22-year-old victim’s bleeding shredded limb.