A technical hub where terrorists provided communications services to al-Qaida operatives has been broken up by Pakistani agents, according to news reports from Pakistani sources.

The raid was being reported by the Middle East Media Research Institute, which monitors and reports on developments in media outlets throughout the region.

According to the MEMRI report, the terrorists’ technical hub was run out of a home in Lahore where sophisticated digital devices had been installed.

Dunya News said the captured suspects also are thought to be involved in the kidnapping of former prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani’s son, Ali Haider Gilani.

MEMRI said the center also was used to trace and abduct Shahbaz Taseer, son of slain liberal Punjab Gov. Salman Taseer.

Pakistani media outlets said sources reported that the “suspects had been engaged in mobile phone tracing of their victims and were planning to kidnap the son of a key political figure.”

Reports in Pakistan said, “The group was also engaged in maligning the Pakistan Telecommunication Limited Company … and other private mobile phone operators in the country by using their SIM cards.”

MEMRI said the reports described those arrested as part of the Hasan Gul and Daud Shah Group of militants, which is considered a sub-group of al-Qaida.

MEMRI said the media reports described three raids that were carried out in Lahore on Tuesday, and confirmed, “Al-Qaida was operating an illegal gateway change under the name ‘International Technical Hub'” from a home.”

The raids were reported by Dunyanewstv.com and Geo.tv, the report said.

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