There was a resounding negative reaction to my last screed in this space calling for America to back the Egyptian military. One reader said he literally couldn’t believe what he was reading. And what was he reading? A column calling for all-out support of Egypt’s military despite a law that denies American aid to any government that achieves power by coup d’etat. I feel blessed to have such silly adversaries, but frightened to have such short-sighted and inflexible countrymen.

Come on, You-all, do you think the ideals of our Founding Fathers are limited geographically to the USA and ethnically to native-born Americans? If, by good political fortune, young military officers in Iran, Cuba, North Korea or some similarly wretched elsewhere were to storm out of the barracks and stage an armed takeover of their dictatorships and install a decent democracy, America’s not allowed to help them? I can promise you every administration from Franklin Roosevelt to George W. Bush would find a way to help them.

Some people seem to suppose that laws are carried by an ever-commuting Moses from the workbench of the Heavenly Father down the slopes of Mount Sinai to the Department of Justice. You say you’re a defender of the law? You don’t want a lousy columnist twisting it to suit the service of civilization, no matter how many lives would be saved or how much good would be done worldwide? Come closer. Have I got some laws for you!

Are you aware it’s illegal to shoot rabbits from a motorboat in Kansas? Or fail to leave an inch of daylight between dancing couples in Missouri? Or go to church in South Carolina without a gun? All these and hundreds of others equally absurd have been duly crafted into law in state after state. Some have been expunged by diligent lawmakers; others remain on the books and are smilingly ignored.

At least one reader was sufficiently wise to observe that laws can be changed. I nominate as the law most deserving of change the one that forces America to rescue the Muslim Brotherhood by denying aid to those who would put them in their place: namely, outside politics, where Hosni Mubarak kept them for 30 years.

Give me that law again. What exactly does it provide? Is it stomp-down clear, or open to interpretation? Likewise, is it all that clear that the Egyptian military took over by coup in such a manner as to fit the intent of that American law? I certainly didn’t mean to come off looking like an outlaw in that previous piece; nor do I want to come off as too jovial in this one. A poll tells us that about half of the American people oppose aid to the Egyptian military. That is downright scary! If statistics mean anything, almost all of those opposing aid to the Egyptian military are Christian. Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood stays busy burning churches and slaughtering Christians. This casts serious doubt on whether those American Christians polled even realize they’re against aid to the one force – the Egyptian military – which, if strengthened, could save countless Christian lives!

This puts us back with that stupid anti-Communist anti-Semite in Pittsburgh at the time of the Six-Day War, when Israel destroyed five Arab air forces on the ground in the first hours, overwhelmed those five Arab armies within the next week and then went on to conquer territory three times the size of Israel itself. Not all anti-Semites are anti-Communist and stupid. This one was anti-Communist, very stupid and very anti-Semitic. After the first day of that Six-Day War he ran into a friend at a coffee shop where the two of them often had breakfast and said, “Did you hear the great news? Israel destroyed 345 MiG fighter planes and 215 Arab tanks!”

After the second day of fighting, he ran into his friend again and was even happier. “Yesterday the Israelis destroyed another 408 MiG planes and 230 Arab tanks! Fantastic!”

The next day the stupid anti-Semite cornered his friend and said, “I just can’t believe what’s going on over there,” he jubilated. “The Israelis destroyed yet another 419 MiG fighter planes and 314 Arab tanks!” He almost levitated and floated out of the coffee shop.

The next day, however, our stupid anti-Communist anti-Semite was in a deep depression. “What’s the matter?” his friend asked.

“Leave me alone,” our no-longer-jubilant war-watcher moaned. “I just found out.”

“You just found out what?” demanded his friend.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” was the cranky retort. “I just found out.”

“You just found out WHAT?” pressed the friend.

Came the reply, “I just found out the Israelis are Jews!

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