Imagine having a worldview that permits rape, murder, homosexuality, pornography, abortion, blasphemy and adultery.

Now imagine this worldview being taught to generation after generation and how it would eventually destroy the foundations of any nation.

And imagine if it was taught as legitimate science.

Such is Darwinian evolution, according to the maker of a new DVD, who contends the theory helped form the ideological foundation for Hitler’s Holocaust and the effort to rid America of God and any moral accountability.

Then envision one man taking a camera to leading evolutionary scientists at UCLA and USC, and holding their feet to the fire for scientific evidence for Darwinian evolution. Imagine seeing these renowned experts flounder like a fish in a dry desert because they couldn’t produce the evidence. Think of it – a bold and revolutionary movie that overturns Darwinian evolution within its first 16 minutes and exposes it as bogus science. Imagine it. That would be huge news in the scientific and academic world.

That movie exists.

It’s Christian evangelist Ray Comfort’s “Evolution vs. God,” a DVD that has become one of the hottest topics online.

Comfort said he approached some of America’s leading evolutionary scientists with a simple request: Show the proof of the theory. Give scientific evidence — that is, observable evidence — of one kind of being changing into another.

Not adaptation within a species but a change of kind, like a cat changing into a dog.

It takes just 16 minutes of the video to expose Darwinian evolution as bogus science, Comfort told WND.

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“It has the atheistic world in a panic. Richard Dawkins has tweeted about it three times to his 751,000 followers. American Atheists Inc. have demanded that the full interviews be released,” Comfort’s organization reported.

It has been viewed upwards of half a million times online already.

And in just a little over a week, more than 110,000 DVDS have been sold.

Comfort told WND it’s about time that evolutionists be called upon to provide the proof of what they teach. Proof, that is, according to the ordinary scientific standard of observation and repeatability.

The response to his requests of the four experts?


In his videoed conversations with the professors and some of their students — who consider themselves atheists, insisting Darwinian evolution shows there’s no need for a divine explanation —  Comfort emphasizes that if they are right, there is no basis for morality.

There’s no argument for absolutely forbidding murder, rape and homosexuality, since man is just an animal.

Comfort is the best-selling author of more than 70 books. He is also the co-host of an award-winning television program, with actor Kirk Cameron, seen in 123 countries. He has spoken on atheism at Yale and other prestigious universities, debated on ABC’s “Nightline” and written “God Doesn’t Believe in Atheists,” “The Atheist Test” (a booklet with more than 1 million copies sold) and “You can Lead an Atheist to Evidence But You can’t Make Him Think” (WND Books). He was a platform speaker for American Atheists Inc. at their 2001 National Convention.

“‘Evolution vs. God’ shows that there’s no evidence for Darwinian evolution – that it rests on nothing but blind faith,” Comfort said.

He said those wanting to see the unedited film are “hoping to find some ‘silver bullet’ in what wasn’t used that will discredit the movie.”

“They know that millions are going to end up seeing evolutionary scientists from USC and UCLA gasping like fish out of water, as they try to think of scientific evidence for Darwinian evolution.”

He responded: “American Atheists Inc. Want to see all the interview footage? Let’s go on TV. Convince me with a good reason to, and I will release it.”

In the documentary, a prominent anthropology professor at UCLA offers a solution for those who doubt Darwinian evolution: Use your imagination.

Very simply, the film gives scientists the chance to talk about the evidence for evolution.

Comfort explained: “I went to the experts with a camera and asked evolutionary scientists for scientific proof for Darwinian evolution, and the silence was deafening. They didn’t have any, and the reason that they didn’t have any is because there isn’t any. If you don’t believe it, watch the movie. If you are a believer in evolution, prepare to have your faith shaken.”

Explore WND’s complete collection of Ray Comfort books and videos here.

Comfort said there are “millions who have been duped into blindly believing this unscientific theory, and they need to know the truth.”

In 2008, his organization gave away 200,000 copies of Darwin’s famous book “Origin of Species,” containing a special foreword, at 100 universities across the U.S. in one day.

The suggestion that imagination would help came from UCLA’s Gail Kennedy.

“The problem with those who are unable to see evolution, I think, is they don’t have imaginations,” she said.

Comfort’s earlier projects have included “Nothing Created Everything,” “You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, But You Can’t Make Him Think,” “Evolution: A Fairy Tale for Grownups” and “Intelligent Design vs. Evolution.”

Several of the scientists interviewed in the video already have spoken out about it.

According to Ken Ham’s blog at Answers in Genesis, Minnesota professor PZ Myers, who was interviewed by Comfort, said: “Lie harder, little man. … Ray Comfort is pushing his new creationist movie with a lie. … What actually happened is that I briefly discussed the evidence for evolution – genetics and molecular biology of fish, transitional fossils, known phylogenies relating extant groups, and experimental work on bacterial evolution in the lab, and Ray Comfort simply denied it all – the bacteria were still bacteria, the fish were still fish.”

But Ham explained that Comfort “asks a question something like this: ‘Is there scientific evidence – observable evidence – to support evolution?’ Well, none of them could provide anything remotely scientific. Oh, they give the usual examples about changes in bacteria, different species of fish (like stickleback fish) and, as to be expected, Darwin’s finches. But as Ray points out over and over again in ‘Evolution vs. God,’ the bacteria are still bacteria, the fish are still fish, and the finches are still finches!”

Other scientists interviewed are Peter Nonacs of UCLA and Craig Stanford of USC.

Said Nonacs: “I am one of the evolutionary biologists interviewed by Ray Comfort for his new DVD. First, Ray is a charming fellow and I greatly enjoy interacting with him. I do not expect that my words will be edited out of context or that I’ll find myself somehow saying on camera that ‘All of evolutionary biology is a hoax perpetuated in order to justify atheism.’ In short, I expect that everything in the DVD will be an accurate reflection of my words.”

Ham said that when Comfort interviews university students, “you will quickly see they have no idea how to defend evolution.”

The trailer:

Get the DVD that’s shaking up the world of evolution theorists.


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