While the man who is president and his family luxuriate on Martha’s Vineyard for another of their sumptuous vacations, the rest of us Americans deal with the reality of life in 2013 – it isn’t pretty and it isn’t getting better.

Jobs are tight or nonexistent, wages are low, millions more of us are on food stamps, and despite what the learned economists tell us, inflation is hurting as the cost of living increases and the possibility of owning a home diminishes for many.

Add to that the ever-increasing push by the EPA and the rabid environmentalists, it becomes harder and harder as well as increasingly more expensive to deal with the new bureaucratic rules and regulations concerning what we are able to buy, how we are able to furnish our homes and even, how we are able to shop.

Have you tried using plastic bags lately? It’ll only get worse as legislation banning them spreads like a fungus across the country, leaving politicians to feel good about themselves and the merchants laughing all the way to the bank as they get to pocket the money they’re required to charge their patrons for paper bags!

The Obama administration continues in its self-serving way, pretending to be knowledgeable about international affairs while the world swirls toward what many believe will be World War III.

At the very least, it will be a massive conflagration in the Middle East that will be nigh onto impossible to stop, as it takes on a life of its own. In fact, it already has.

“Arab Spring,” my foot!

If the violence, destruction, killing, rampaging against Christians and all out destruction currently raging in Egypt is any indication of what’s in store for the rest of the region, I dread to consider what the end game will be.

But Obama drew the red line – and?

And – nothing. He’s a man with the title, but he doesn’t know how to do the job. He only “plays” the part and ignores reality.

It’s increasingly astonishing that he can so blandly go about his politicking and speechifying and promising and yet accomplishes nothing.

He mocks the leader of Russia with impunity and doesn’t realize he’s playing with fire.

He embarrasses this country, our people and our history and doesn’t care that he’s a worldwide laughing stock.

All the while, we have American military in harm’s way every day, being the targets of people who hate us – and the man who is president calmly talks about the fact that soon we will be out of Afghanistan.

Too bad he doesn’t worry about the men and women who will be killed or maimed in the meantime, or those who will remain there after we are “gone,” and too bad he doesn’t have the honesty to admit that pulling out of Afghanistan means we lost the war.

Apparently, that means nothing to Barack Obama.

His administration is swirling in scandals, even as he calls them phony. But they are real – despite his political blindness.

Americans see the swift and constant loss of our freedoms on so many levels and the arrogance of elected politicians and bureaucrats as they continue to pass laws and regulations that are patently unconstitutional.

And within our country, we’re on the verge of literally turning the country into a repository for Third World people as the aptly titled “Gang of Eight” keeps demanding its immigration plan be approved.

According to Sen. Marco Rubio, if we don’t give the eight of them what they want, Obama will open the spigot to unending Third World immigration by executive order.

How about that!

Governance by threat?

Rule of law? Constitution?

Forget it. King Obama wants what he wants, and the rest of us be damned.

Thank God for the border sheriffs, the Border Patrol officers and for the people who live along the Mexican border.

They all know the trouble at our doorstep even if the political and intellectual elites in Washington and other states do not. Those people live in their own nirvana, ignoring reality and hoping that by selling this country out, they’ll solve all the problems that illegals, the drug cartels and human trafficking have wrought on our society.

To make it worse, 28 of California’s congressional delegation, led by San Francisco’s Nancy Pelosi, are pressuring Gov. Jerry Brown to sign AB4.

That legislative gem would make it harder to deport illegals by putting statewide limits on how or if local law enforcement can work with the feds on deportation cases.

In essence, the House Minority Leader and her California compatriots are setting up California to be a sanctuary state.

Once the illegals get in, they’d be in to stay.

Given that California is one of the top three, most highly taxed states, residents there should get ready for increasing taxes and more social stress.

Then there’s the supreme court of the state of New Mexico, which has just ruled that jurors there do not have to know how to speak, read or write English.

Spanish, English, Navajo – whatever!

I know justice is supposed to be blind, but it appears Obama and his ilk have managed to blindfold the Statue of Liberty, too.

All this can only end badly.

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