When the cartoon first ran in a major magazine in the 1940s it carried a laugh but not much meaning for the time. Now it may not pack much of a laugh, but it has great meaning this time, for our time.

It was a boxing match, and the reader didn’t have to be told it was coming up on round 8 or 9. It would take that long for one of the fighters to get beaten up that badly. His manager was leaning his head in through the ropes during the one-minute between rounds and saying, “Look! I got a great idea. The next time he hits you, hit him back!”

Didn’t we re-elect a president at least partially because of his alleged triumph over al-Qaida? And didn’t he and his lickspittle Democratic minions tell us al-Qaida was dead in the water in Yemen and in the Maghreb and Libya and the Arabian Peninsula and virtually every place where they could be a threat to America and other free, democratic peoples? And did we who opposed that president ever “hit him back” for that fraudulent claim? Or did we all do the new American thing and vote for him in greater numbers, because, after all, part of the president’s job is to protect America and we like presidents who do their job?

Come the end of July and word came crashing down that intelligence reports revealed al-Qaida, apparently in full resurrection-mode, was leveling credible threats against American diplomatic posts in almost two dozen Islamic countries from Algeria all the way to Bangladesh. New York Rep. Peter King (who looks a little like Edward G. Robinson and does more real-life good than Robinson ever did Hollywood evil) said he’d seen the intelligence and he was sure that for authenticity and danger there’s been nothing like it since 9/11.

Except for fifth-grade playgrounds in the Bronx you don’t hear razzing ridicule of a president who does what he feels he has to do to save innocent lives from imminent terrorist attack. Republicans are smart not to razz the president, but stupid if they just forget the whole thing. You don’t trash the warnings of a regime that closes 19 diplomatic posts based on solid intelligence info. I’m merely noting that even a prize-winning Marine drill team could not have maintained better discipline in the face of such gut-twisting provocation. I haven’t heard one ill-begotten outcry against the Obama regime protesting, “You saprophyte SOBs! Here you promise us al-Qaida is through. Next, you win re-election, partly on the strength of your ingenious ‘foreign policy.’ Then you tell us we’re closing down 19 embassies and consulates because of al-Qaida threats. And at no point do we hear an ‘Oops, we’re sorry!’ or ‘We blew it!’ or ‘We hope you didn’t make too many Mideast travel or business plans based on our rosy assurances that al-Qaida was done with.'”

And then, if one of our anti-Obama sympathizers should ever bring any of this up again, Jay Carney will call it a “phony scandal”!

Losing is bad enough. Not being able or allowed to hit back is worse. And it doesn’t end – or begin – with reports of Obama’s final victory over al-Qaida.

What about all those billions of stimulus dollars upon dollars that went down the “Solyndra” drain? I seem to recall only feeble Republican finger-pointing and whiny accusations of “You’ve squandered our money.” The man doing the blow-by-blow of a boxing match on radio wouldn’t even raise his voice and call that a punch.

As long as we’re cataloging the disasters of this administration, what about “global warming” or the only-slightly less mendacious “climate change”? Worse than lying, worse than lying for money and power, this political gang has corrupted science itself. They may get a scientific fact right now and then, but they remind me of the biggest liar in my hometown. Once, he accidentally told the truth, but he thought he was lying!

All those on Obama’s side will uncritically ratify everything he says. Everybody on my side nurses his favorite Obama-failing. Mine happens to be Obama’s pretending to harbor warm feelings about Israel – the only democracy between the Mediterranean and the Pacific Ocean.

Never will I forget the Obama election ploy in 2008 of enlisting innocent Jewish grandchildren up north to go south on their allowance money or their summer earnings money or their Bar-Mitzvah money to cuddle up and convince Grandma and Grandpa in Florida that they’d studied the whole case and it was absolutely the best deed for the survival, security and prosperity of Israel to vote for Obama.

I think the Obama team called it “Operation Shalom,” or some other such clever obscenity.

You’re late by a generation and a half, Obama. We Jews are no longer seduced by enemies of the Jews who can mouth a few words of Hebrew or Yiddish. Adolf Eichmann, Hitler’s hands-on architect of the “Final Solution” of the “Jewish Question” spoke fluent Hebrew!

“Shalom” means “hello” in Hebrew. It also means “goodbye.” Some say that means we Jews don’t know whether we’re coming or going.

Maybe not, but at least some of us know we’re not coming or going after any more phony friends who seek to secure our vote with gimmicks, love-talk and lies.

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