It’s gratifying to see tens of thousands of Americans in the streets calling for the impeachment of Barack Obama.

What’s mystifying is why more aren’t out there with them.

Do Americans really understand there’s no going back from the place Obama is determined to take us before his second term is through?

He’s getting his wish: He’s “fundamentally transforming America,” just as he promised he would during his 2008 campaign.

I don’t think most people really took him at his word – or considered whether they really wanted to see America remade in the image of Obama.

But with Republican opposition to Obama’s policies – including the implementation of the dreaded Obamacare – more show than substance, I don’t understand why there aren’t more expressions of the kind of grass-roots dissent we saw in 2010. Did the Internal Revenue Service’s political harassment of tea-party groups spook them? Have the tea-party organizations become mere fundraising gimmicks? Have the activists given up on their country?

Unless there is another loud and visible uprising, America is finished. Though Republicans control the House, the leadership has made it abundantly clear it will not use the power the tea-party activists handed them in 2010. Instead, they will be play-it-safe politicians while America goes down the socialist drain.

So what’s the answer?

Hundreds of thousands of Americans in the streets of Washington this fall.

Right now those business-as-usual Republican House members schmoozing with their constituents in town halls back home during the congressional recess need to be reminded of why they were sent to Washington – and why continuing to fund Obamacare is not one of the reasons.

They need the heat turned up on them.

They need to be forcefully, in large numbers, told they should not get too comfortable inside the beltway.

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They need to hear that they have failed miserably at being the opposition party with real power they are not using.

They’re not using it to hold Obama accountable for monumental, historic scandals that would have finished any other president with any other respectable Congress.

They’re not using it to defund Obamacare.

They’re not using it to stop the red ink gushing from Washington at unprecedented levels.

Americans need to get off their duffs in protest of Republican cowardice just as much as for the growing number of high crimes and misdemeanors committed by Obama.

And that raises another point.

There’s an amazing book coming out next week. It’s called “Impeachable Offenses,” and judging from the pre-sales of the book by two-time New York Times best-selling authors Aaron Klein and Brenda Elliott, it’s going to be a huge best-seller. Consider it the first draft of the articles of impeachment that should have been drawn up by House Republicans a long time ago. And even respectable and honorable liberals and civil rights activists like Nat Hentoff are mentioning the I-word.

It’s about time.

Everyone knows Obama won’t be convicted of his high crimes in the U.S. Senate. That’s not the point. The point is he has repeatedly abused his power and violated the Constitution. He doesn’t even think twice about it. He acts as if he is above the law – even above criticism.

So will Americans awaken from this slumber that threatens the future of what has been the greatest bastion of freedom in the world for more than 230 years?

Will they rise up in righteous anger against Obama’s assault on liberty and the rule of law?

Or will they go quietly into the night and watch the sacrifices their forefathers made to guard this unique but short-lived experiment in self-government go down the tubes?

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