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Why they watch WND like hawks

You may not have noticed, but the semi-official government press really is taking the traditional watchdog role seriously.

Oh no, not as a watchdog on the government.

Not as a watchdog on waste, fraud, abuse and corruption in high places.

Not as a watchdog on corrosive and powerful institutions.

I mean they watch WND like hawks.

Example: Last Sunday I got an idea. (It’s not that unusual.) I noticed people around the country were really getting interested in impeachment. There were rallies around America. Folks were hanging impeachment banners off overpasses. Members of Congress were mentioning the I-word. And a new book called “Impeachable Offenses” by the two-time New York Times best-selling author team of Aaron Klein and Brenda Elliott were just about to drop a new book on the public called “Impeachable Offenses” – and it was getting plenty of ink.

The wheels started turning in my 59-year-old fertile mind.

Many of you don’t know it, but WND boasts one of the most vibrant e-commerce sites of any content purveyor on the Internet. It’s called the WND Superstore. Check it out some time if you haven’t already.

I knew we carried the book, since we published it. And I knew we had some very popular impeachment bumper stickers in the superstore. So I got the idea of grouping them together in what I called the “Impeachment Store.”

Simple, right? No big deal, right? Hardly worth mentioning, right? Certainly not newsworthy, right?

Well, the semi-official government press thought otherwise.

That little move I made resulted in at least a half-dozen reports in the semi-official government press within a matter of days.

My quiet little weekend move did not go unnoticed. The watchdogs pounced on it – led by TalkingPointsMemo.com. (Memo to Bill O’Reilly: How did you let them get away with stealing your shtick?)

See for yourself how the crack investigators over there caught me in my covert act of dissent and committing the crime of capitalism. You just can’t get anything past these sleuths.

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I was surprised they found it newsworthy. I hadn’t even found it newsworthy enough to promote in WND. But, hey, as long as they spell my name right. (And I did have to correct it in this reporter’s copy.)

But that wasn’t the end of it.

Next I got busted by a formerly reputable magazine site – The Atlantic Monthly, now known as The AtlanticWire.com.

See for yourself how they exposed my shenanigans. (Oh, am I ever embarrassed!)

Just when I began to think I was out of the woods and had survived exposure by two crack practitioners of the highest ideals of investigative journalism, another media hammer came down.

This time I was exposed by none other than Esquire, a racy little magazine (which also happens to be the target of an active defamation lawsuit by yours truly). Oh, did it ever nail me this time! See for yourself. The witty little wag with the thesaurus over there even called me “the porn’stached panjandrum behind World Net Daily.” Oh that hurt.

Well, that was the trifecta. Surely there couldn’t be more piling on, could there?

And then it came – from an unlikely source: The little South Coast Today newspaper. Columnist Steve Urbon let me have it right between the eyes! And, unlike the others, he added insult to injury by neglecting to even link to my scheme to enrich myself through this jaded scheme of profiteering off the outrage of millions of Americans over the conduct of the most un-American president in history.


You see what I mean? You can’t sneak anything past these watchdogs. They understand the central role of a free press in a free society. It’s not comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable. It’s not serving as a watchdog on waste, fraud, abuse and corruption in government and other powerful institutions.

It’s watchdogging those who do.

And boy, I gotta hand it to them, do they ever watch WND like hawks.


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