WASHINGTON – It was a 10-year labor of love for James Fitzgerald and his team of filmmakers.

And it was a historic achievement that stands alone to this day – the only video collection of the entire New Testament, word-for-word.

Today, more than a decade after the completion of “The WatchWORD Bible” and hundreds of thousands sold, WND announces it has signed an exclusive worldwide licensing deal to market and distribute this unique product.

“We hope to make the scriptures come alive for millions of people who have never had the opportunity to see and hear the New Testament literally come alive for them,” said Joseph Farah, chief executive office of WND and founder of WND Films. “We intend to use the platform of success we built with ‘The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment’ to expand the marketplace for ‘The WatchWORD Bible’ and to reduce the consumer price for this breakthrough product.”

While “The WatchWORD Bible” has sold for up to $299.95, WND’s identical version – a 10-DVD collection – now has a suggested retail price of only $129 and a sale price as low as $79.99.

The “WatchWORD Bible New Testament” is history’s first true “Video Book.” A remarkable new art form for the information age: You watch it, read it and hear it all at once.

All 27 books of the New Testament are presented with dynamic text on screen, inspiring narration, thousands of scenes, special effects, original music and sound effects. “The WatchWORD Bible” is compelling to watch – a chapter a day or more. Instant chapter selection makes it easy to see God’s Word leap from the printed page to your television or computer screen.

“I want to see more families and individuals using this remarkable tool for family devotions, while exercising, to fill your children’s minds with God’s Word, with seniors, the disabled, in churches, schools, Bible studies, in reading programs and for learning English as a second language,” said Farah. “Every home, church and library ought to have ‘The WatchWORD Bible New Testament.'”

Here’s sampling of comments from fans of “The WatchWORD Bible”:

  • “I cannot put into words how excited I am about this product.”
  • “It is so exciting for me because I have a few learning disabilities. It is hard for me to stay [focused] for any length while I’m doing school work or [reading]. Your DVDs are so easy for me to listen and follow along with my Bible.”
  • “Thank you for obeying God’s call to create this masterpiece.”
  • “I just bought ‘The WatchWord Bible’ on DVD last week and I loved it! It’s the best!! It got me so much closer to God and I thank you all so much.”
  • “Never before was I able to sit and read the Bible for a long time in one sitting. When I watched the Bible DVD, I watched for three and a half hours non-stop and still could not get enough. The pictures, sounds, music and special effects were amazing and totally relaxing not to mention spiritually educational.”
  • “I was very impressed with the workmanship that went into making this available. The photography was astounding.”
  • And this, from a senior pastor: “I have been so richly blessed by this method of receiving God’s Word daily in my life. I know the Holy Spirit is present as I view, hear and read the Word of God during my precious moments of devotion and reflection using ‘The WatchWord Bible.’ … Parts of the Scripture I never understood have now come to greater understanding. The Holy Spirit has revealed Himself to me in such a powerful way.”

“The WatchWORD Bible” is a full 26 hours of programming on 10 DVDs. It uses the best-selling Contemporary English Version translation – loved for being biblically accurate, reader friendly and understandable.

The deal between the creators of “The WatchWORD Bible” and WND Films coincides with the release of a new book by James Fitzgerald that relates directly to his experience making the historic series of movies over a 10-year period.

Fitzgerald has written what Farah has dubbed “the prequel” to the best-selling “The Harbinger” by Jonathan Cahn – his story about a prophecy he received during the debut of the movie version of “The Book of Revelation,” the last book to be completed in “The WatchWORD Bible’ collection.”

It’s called “The 9/11 Prophecy.”

“The Harbinger” and the movie “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment” have been criticized by some for suggesting that God would judge America, beginning Sept. 11, 2001, without first providing a warning.

“I knew for a fact 9/11 was a divine judgment, because the Lord had sent us to New York City with His deliberate warning in 2000, months before it ever happened,” says Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald led a team of moviemakers to a film festival at Madison Square Garden where “The Book of Revelation,” the final book of “The WatchWORD Bible” was unveiled in New York. It was there that Fitzgerald believes he heard from God that New York was a type of Babylon and would soon face judgment.

Isaiah 9:10, the key verse in “The Harbinger” and “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,” talks about a limited incursion against the nation of Israel by the Assyrians. But instead of returning to God, the nation proclaimed it would rebuild, better than before, using its own power, without God.

The premise of the book, and documentary, is that the 9/11 terror attacks were a limited incursion against the United States, and instead of returning to God, American leaders, including Senate President Tom Daschle, starting the next day proclaimed that they would rebuild America, bigger and better than before.

Without God.

But the Old Testament includes a warning, says Fitzgerald.

There, in the King Kames Version, in Amos, it explains. “Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid? Shall there be evil in a city, and the Lord hath not done it? Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.”

“I was blown away…,” Fitzgerald wrote about the criticism of the “Harbinger.” “What the critique called for is exactly what my book claims did happen. God did provide prior warning. In His mercy He sent a specific deliberate warning to New York City 14 months before 9/11, through His own Word – just as Isaiah 9:8 says, and did so in full public view at Madison Square Garden.”

He notes that Isaiah 9:8 also confirms, “The Lord sent a word into Jacob, and it hath lighted upon Israel.”

“I had wondered why the Lord would use that one particular verse as a pattern for the post-9/11 events in America out of all the many other verses in the Bible and other countries in the world and throughout history. Why this particular verse now, and why for America? But once I looked carefully and saw its context, I was amazed. Here, in context with the 9:10 passage, was the promise of the coming of Messiah as a way to give the Jewish believers hope in the midst of judgment.”

Farah urges Americans to get the entire collection of books and movies to fully appreciate what God is saying to His people today – “The 9/11 Prophecy,” “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,” “The Harbinger” and “The WatchWORD Bible” that includes “The Book of Revelation.”

Retailers who wish to purchase quantities of the new edition of “The WatchWORD Bible” can inquire about discounts by writing to [email protected]

See the trailer:

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