A 70-year-old woman whose daughter was shot and killed by a gunman was ordered out of the Denver Housing Authority unit they occupied because the mom was a “live-in aide” and had no right to stay in the residence, according to report in the Denver Post.

Relatives reported Doris Kessler was told, just three days after her daughter, Sandra Roskilly, was shot and killed, that she had but a few hours to vacate the premises.

She had lived at the location for more than 10 years while serving as an aide for her daughter, according to the Post.

Reports from Denver police reveal that Roskilly was shot and killed, allegedly by Daniel Abeyta, 31, during a rampage on Friday. Police accuse the suspect of also using propane tanks to booby trap the street, and shooting his wife, Autume Estrada, 26, in the leg.

The Post reports Roskilly’s children believe she may have been helping Estrada when she was killed.

The suspect was hospitalized after being struck by a gunshot from police.

The Post said Dennis Campbell, Kessler’s son, reported the housing unit was locked by the housing authority on Monday. At the same time, his sister’s belongings were given to a public administrator, he said.

Federal officials told the Post today that city officials could have shown a little more care.

“We would have hoped they would have given the family time to grieve and transition,” Jerry Brown, an official with the federal Housing and Urban Development, said.

“We are disappointed that more compassion was not shown here. No one would want their grandmother treated like that.”

The Post said an official with the DHA reported the agency had offered condolences to the family, and offered “to assist them during this transition.”

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