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8 reasons to oppose U.S. attack on Syria

While President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are trying to make the case for a U.S. attack on Syria, the Oregon Republican Party is making its case – succinctly – for Congress to block military action.

In fact, the state GOP affiliate, chaired by biochemist Art Robinson, has boiled its opposition down to 8 points, which it plans to release Monday in a resolution titled, “The Oregon Republican Party Urges the United States Congress to Exercise Its Constitutional Authority to Prevent the Use of United States Military Forces to Attack Syria.”

The resolution reads, in its entirety:

We are mindful of the tragedy of death in the Syrian civil war, especially civilian deaths, including many children. The deaths of children by starvation and preventable disease in Africa, by wars in many regions and by misguided governmental policies even in our own country should be of the deepest concern to all civilized peoples. Additional deaths, in an American attack on Syria are, however, not the answer.

We find overwhelming opposition to an attack on Syria among the members of our Party. As is true throughout the American people, individual Republicans in Oregon have many different reasons for their opposition. Most of us, however, agree in our conclusion that the U.S. should not attack Syria.

Some of the reasons expressed by our members to oppose war in Syria are:

1. Congressman Alan Grayson, D-Fla., says that Syrian intelligence has been manipulated, in classified briefings, to support the case for war; and

2. Syrian rebels admitted to using chemical weapons; and

3. Russia prepared a 100-page report for the United Nations supporting the rebels admission that they used chemical weapons; and

4. Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, stated that “the United States is not Al-Qaeda’s Air Force”; and

5. The brutality of Syrian rebels poses a moral dilemma for intervention by the West; and

6. Secretary of State Kerry said that the Sheikhs and Emirs will pay for the war, portraying the United States as “hired out to do the big-time killing for royals”; and

7. The Oregon Republican Party Platform states, “Foreign relations and foreign policy decisions must be based upon the security interests and well-being of the United States, its sovereignty and its citizens, by adhering to the U.S. Constitution” and no such security interests have been claimed; and

8. President Obama declared a “red line” regarding the use of chemical weapons and subsequently claimed he didn’t.

The resolution is reportedly signed by Chairman Robinson, Vice Chair Bill Currier, Secretary Chris Barreto, Treasurer Ken Taylor, National Committeewoman Donna Cain and National Committeeman Solomon Yue.

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough has said despite the groundswell of opposition, President Obama will win a congressional vote to authorize military strikes in Syria in response to alleged chemical weapons use by Syrian President Bashar al-Asaad’s regime.

“This resolution is going to pass after we work this,” McDonough said on ABC’s “This Week.”

According to a whip list maintained by The Hill, however, support for authorization is nearly evenly split in the Senate and heavily opposed in the House.