Five Twitter accounts tied to the Obama White House, including two of wife Michelle, have 23,274,272 fake followers. In fact, when inactive accounts are filtered out only about 20 percent of their followers are real.

Think for a moment the amount of time and effort it would take to generate that number of fraudulent Twitter accounts and followers. How many could you generate? Maybe a hundred? Possibly a thousand? But 23 million? Just who is doing this?

Or perhaps each Twitter follower was so ignorant and owned by the Democratic agenda that every real follower generated a lone fake follower? You know, like Obama “voters.” Each real voter generates another fake vote. To paraphrase Dan Rather, such an election would be “fake but accurate.”

With adolescence in America now extending on up into the nursing-home years, such a manipulative “fake but accurate” news and social-media propaganda operation could pay big dividends.

And it has. The administration has no answers to the nation or the world’s problems, doesn’t in fact even know what questions to ask, and frankly doesn’t give a damn what happens to anyone else outside of Washington, D.C.

That’s because they are like Willie Sutton, who when asked why he robbed banks replied, “Because that’s where the money is.” Washington, D.C., is now the wealthiest city in the nation. Corruption has built D.C. and today’s expansive federal government, and corruption sustains it. Its job is no longer to look after the nation’s business. Rather, it has become the Chicago mob writ-large across the nation. The nation’s laws are selectively enforced against opponents, and supporters get payoffs with taxpayer money.

Every form of perversion and degeneracy that can muster a special-interest group is courted and catered to by those in power. These corrupt fools on both sides of the aisle actually have the gall to talk about “reasonable compromises” and “balances between privacy and security,” while they spy on us and steal our great-great-grandchildren blind.

Show me NSA’s exemption in the Fourth Amendment.

Show me secret courts and secret evidence in the Constitution.

Show me where the executive is granted power to wage war on his own.

The “balances” D.C.’s career politicians seek are only available through a Constitutional Convention or amendment ratification process. But D.C.’s permanent political class somehow imagine that enough fake Twitter followers and fake voters at the last election is a mandate for them to amend the Constitution via back and butt slapping in the House and Senate’s smoke-filled backrooms.

When the Republicans found out AliBama’s minions were using the IRS to suppress the conservative voting message, they should have been dragging vats of tar, bags of feathers and pots of boiling oil to the White House and demanding AliBama’s resignation – or else! And Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi? They should have been locked in the House restrooms with the insurance executives for their corruption in using taxpayer money to buy the one extra vote needed to pass AliBamacare.

No budget – for how many years? But then why should we know how our great-great-grandchildren’s money is being spent by D.C.’s den of thieves?

NSA’s illegal domestic spying? It exists for one reason. AliBama and the rest of the thieves want to know what you are thinking, what you’re writing and what you’re talking about; and with whom. They need this so they can determine how far they can go in their usurpation against the underlying laws that govern the government.

The answer so far seems to be, “Shut up and shred, full speed ahead.”

Shut it down, congressional Republicans. Shut it all down while America is still breathing and has a chance to become a light for freedom in the world once again. When the lights go off in the White House and the toilets don’t flush, you have won. Then bring government back, piece by piece; but only what we need. You have the purse strings; that is why they were given to you. Use them, if not to bury the beast then to hang yourselves, for you are of no use to the rest of us otherwise.



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