Each week, Sid Roth’s TV program “It’s Supernatural!” begins with some of the most riveting questions of human existence:

  • Is there a supernatural dimension, a world beyond the one we know?
  • Is there life after death?
  • Do angels exist?
  • Can our dreams contain messages from heaven?
  • Can we tap into ancient secrets of the supernatural?
  • Are healing miracles real?

For over 35 years Roth has been investigating the answers to these questions. And beginning Sept. 9, through a partnership with WND-TV, Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural!” can be seen each and every week, from anywhere you can access WND.com.

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Join Roth as he investigates reports on people who have experienced extraordinary healings, miracles and personal encounters with the living God. At the end of each program, Roth tells viewers how they too can achieve intimacy with the Creator of the universe.

Roth, a former account executive for Merrill Lynch, was raised in a traditional Jewish home. Yet, as he explains on his website, religious tradition provided no answers when he hit rock bottom in 1972. With his life out of control and his marriage in shambles, Roth says he was set free from demonic oppression through a supernatural encounter with Jesus. Immediately, he began to boldly proclaim Jesus as the Messiah.

In 1977 Roth started a ministry called “Messianic Vision” and a nationally syndicated radio broadcast by the same name. But Messianic Vision is more than a ministry or a program; it is a desire to reach out with the good news of the Messiah, “to the Jew first” (Romans 1:16) and then to the Gentile.

Sharing God’s miracles, Roth believes, is the best method available for reaching Jewish people with the gospel. So in 1996, he started “It’s Supernatural!” with the desire for all people to know Jesus.

Beginning Monday, Sept. 9, WND-TV will begin airing episodes of “It’s Supernatural!” beginning with a startling interview of Thomas Horn, author of “Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here.”

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For more than 800 years scholars have pointed to the dark augury of “the last Pope.” The prophecy, taken from St. Malachy’s “Prophecy of the Popes,” is among a list of verses predicting each of the Roman Catholic popes from Pope Celestine II to the final pope, “Peter the Roman,” whose reign would end in the destruction of Rome.

Tradition holds that Malachy had been called to Rome by Pope Innocent II, and while there, he experienced the vision of the future popes, including the last one, which he wrote down in a series of cryptic phrases.

Yet according to the prophecy, the current Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis, is to be the final pontiff – Petrus Romanus, or Peter the Roman.

Join WND-TV on Monday, Sept. 9, as Thomas Horn, author of “Petrus Romanus,” appears on Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural!”

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