Not a few folks have spoken out about how, what with the way Obamacare is being implemented, it will be treated by certain individuals.

Take the young, for instance, especially if they’re single. Rush Limbaugh and others have mentioned several times that it is common for them to put off buying health insurance, as they are, well, young, healthy, the whole world laid at their feet, and dire sicknesses are not a leading concern at this point in their lives. Hence, they tend to just live life and put off getting that coverage.

With Obamacare, since pre-existing conditions are an unallowable factor, should they get sick while still young and uninsured, it would be a simple matter to sign up for that insurance when needed, receive needed care and then just go on with life.

OK, this and other comments have inspired an idea. How about those states that mandate auto insurance? Why don’t these states treat this insurance the same as Obamacare? You know, just a small fine (much less than the actual cost of a policy) if you don’t have it, but include the “pre-existing condition” part. That way, if you drive safely, you could theoretically drive your whole life without ever having to spend a penny on that insurance.

Should you, for any reason, get into an accident, then and only then would you put in for that insurance. Since your vehicle is already damaged (a pre-existing condition), the law of the land would mandate that you not be prevented from obtaining a policy. Once you get it, you just take your car/truck or whatever you were driving to the body shop, get it fixed, the insurance company pays for it, and voila! You’re back on the road again. Oh, and the law could also stipulate that you would not be charged exorbitant fees for that policy (based on your income, perhaps?).

What a great idea, huh? Who could possibly disagree with this, especially if they support Obamacare?

John Babush

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