In what continues as one of the outrages of our age, even the usually leftward Washington Post reports:

  • “Willie Lucas, 57, is a janitor and union officer at Howard University, where the once all-black maintenance staff is now mixed with Central Americans. He supports immigration reform and workplace diversity, yet he also joined a protest against a company that sent hundreds of Hispanic workers to take jobs in a poor, black area of the District.

    “‘They said people didn’t want the jobs, so we marched to their office with thousands of applications from black men,’ Lucas recalled indignantly. ‘Blacks want to work, too, but not to settle for any price.'”

  • “At a Baltimore employment center, Keith Bellisaire, 40, proudly shared cellphone pictures of rooms he had painted on day jobs. He said he has not been able to land a full-time position in years.

    “‘I’m ready to work, and I can work as hard as anyone. Sometimes I wonder if there is discrimination,’ said Bellisaire, who is black. ‘I don’t think the Spanish people are trying to take away our jobs, but I wish I had more chances to show what I can do.'”

  • “In the battle over immigration reform, no issue is more contentious than whether low-skilled immigrants are displacing American-born workers. …”

This is why it is such a national outrage that on June 27, the U.S. Senate passed a major compromise aimed at legalizing 11 million undocumented residents.

The Obama administration and most congressional Democrats appear to be eager to welcome illegals, who broke the law in coming across the border, rather than send them back to wherever they came from before they illegally invaded.

The Center for Immigration Studies in July reported that the number of employed Americans fell by 1.3 million since 2000, while the number of working immigrants rose by 5.5 million. This report also noted that with wages stagnating in immigrant-heavy occupations, the immigrants are pushing Americans out of jobs they would be willing to do for higher wages.

The Center’s report also noted that many of these immigrant workers depend on their employers for visas and come from “docile, authority-fearing Third World populations,” making them “easier to manage.”

Black unemployment has reached 13.5 percent nationwide. And a Harvard study found that between 1960 and 2000, a 10 percent increase in immigrants in various jobs reduced black wages and employment by up to 4 percent.

Considering what all of this importing (and exploitation) of non-citizen Hispanics has done to keep the black American citizen employment rate high, why on Earth has America’s first black president allowed this?

And why hasn’t it been vigorously opposed by the still racially segregated Congressional Black Caucus?

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