House Speaker John Boehner wrote a column for USA Today recently that shows he doesn’t plan to stand up for the people or the Constitution in the looming fight over yet another hike in the debt limit – one that will assuredly either provide Barack Obama with the money he needs to implement nationalized health care or deny it.

Boehner just keeps repeating his goal – tying an increase in the debt limit to cuts in spending.

He doesn’t even say what spending needs to be cut or how much.

In other words, he has announced plans to keep doing the same thing over again expecting different results.

Meanwhile, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew held a press conference two weeks ago in which he laid out the very specific and clear demands of the administration: There will be no negotiations with Congress over the debt limit issue. Obama, too, evidently plans to keep doing the same thing over again, understandably expecting the same results he has achieved before – capitulations by Republicans to hand over to Obama all the borrowed money he needs to implement Obamacare and other wasteful, counterproductive and unconstitutional spending programs.

So what can Republicans who control the House do to get themselves engaged to end Obamacare, as they claim to want, and radically reduce spending?

First, I would refer you to my previous commentary on this issue titled “Not defunding is defending.” It is an important premise to understand before moving on to a Republican strategy and slogan for winning the debate.

Second, it’s clear that Obama thinks he has the upper hand because he is a better poker player than Boehner. It makes sense to bluff when it has worked over and over and over again. Now it’s time for House Republicans to offer up their own non-negotiable demand.

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Notice what Lew, speaking for the Obama administration said. The debt limit must be unconditionally raised for the following reasons:

  • to protect America from defaulting on its debt, a development that would hurt the economy;
  • to ensure Social Security benefits are uninterrupted;
  • to ensure that veterans benefits and support for the U.S. military continue;
  • all negotiations about entitlement reform and taxes are to take place in formulating a budget rather than in the context of a debate over the debt limit.

There’s a simple way for Boehner to trump Obama on the debt limit that will force him to negotiate – if that’s the speaker’s real goal.

All he needs to do is to approve a continuing resolution to fund all payments on the debt, to pay Social Security benefits, to pay veterans benefits and to fund the military. That would effectively kill Obama’s implicit threats to cut spending on programs that have popular support.

Boehner needs to do this tomorrow – or Republicans will once again lose the battle to cut spending in a meaningful way, including defunding Obamacare.

At that point, Obama would at least have to invent new rationalizations to prevent a government shutdown. And Boehner would be in the driver’s seat knowing that he has removed the political hammer from Obama’s hands.

Will House Republicans do it?

Not without pressure from you.

And there is an easy and inexpensive way for you to get through to Boehner, who is facing a mutiny from his own caucus.

It’s called the “No More Red Ink” campaign.

It allows you to utilize an effective, high-tech, grass-roots lobbying tool to save your country from going off the fiscal cliff – which will happen only if the borrowing-and-spending merry-go-round is finally stopped.

Will you join me in this campaign? To date, through these efforts, we have delivered nearly 2 million red letters to House Republicans. We’ve won many converts within the House Republican majority to the goal of returning America to something resembling constitutionally limited government by denying Obama the borrowed money he wants to continue funding Obamacare and other wasteful, counterproductive and unconstitutional programs.

This is the political nuclear weapon, held in the hands of House Republicans, Obama most fears.

Will you join me right now in emboldening House Republican members to do the right thing?

It may be their last chance before the 2014 midterm elections.

In fact, it may be our last chance to defund Obamacare and to save America from financial disaster.


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