Re: “Remembering the victims of KAL 007 – 30 years later”

You have no idea how much I appreciated your news today about the lies concerning KAL 007 30 years ago. This is because two weeks before it happened, Rep. McDonald wrote to me and asked me to help him expose more than 250 members of the House and Senate, who had ties to the Communist Party.

Because I pay my own way in the ministry by working in a trade, I told him I wanted time to seek God about His will in this matter before I answered him. He was assassinated two weeks later. I know this to be true because God told me so the same day it happened. Later that day, a pastor phoned me and said, “God just told me that Congressman McDonald was assassinated and you know why.”

I told him about the letter he sent to me, and he asked me to read it at church the next Sunday. Because I read it a both services, I have more than 100 witnesses to this fact. One of them was a member of the church in good standing, who had previous experience in Black Ops. He told me after the evening service that the government knew I wasn’t afraid of them. Because of this, it would likely threaten my family. To protect them, he advised me to destroy the letter. It seemed like wise advice, so I destroyed it.

A few of those witnesses have since died from old age, but most of them are still here. The most disturbing info in his letter to me was that not all of the traitors in the House and Senate were Democrats. Some of them were Republicans. Both parties have been infiltrated, but the Democrats are the worst.

Rev. David Scott

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