Academy Award winner Robert De Niro, who supported President Obama’s 2008 and 2012 presidential bids, says Obama is “trying his best” in his second term in office.

“He’s a good person, period,” De Niro told Du Jour Magazine.

“He’s trying his best. He’s going to do things that people feel are not right or violating one right or another. But at the end of the day, he represents, I think, the best of the type of people that I would like to see running the government.”

Continued the actor: “He has to play that game, the political game. They all do. They make statements they can’t honor because they’re impossible to honor. Once you get into that Washington machinery, you’ve just got to figure it out and swim against the current and grab onto this rock and that, and just try to maintain your course.”

De Niro previously made public comments about Obama. In May 2012, the actor told NBC’s “Press Pass” he was looking forward to Obama’s second term.

“I know he’ll do better in the next four years, when he won’t have to worry whether he’s gonna be elected or not,” De Niro stated at the time.

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