What a week! Events in the nation’s Capitol unfolded almost as fast as the Twitter feed that tracked them. And it wasn’t just the rank and file keeping 140-character digital play-by-play accounts of political machinations. Members of Congress also used social media to keep in close touch with their constituents, tweeting and Facebooking a constant flow of updates directly to “we the people.”

In the lead-up to last Saturday night’s House votes to delay Obamacare funding for a year, keep the military funded in case of a shutdown and repeal the job-killing, innovation-undermining medical device tax, the social media lit up, besting and bypassing traditional media with a steady stream of as-it-happened developments.

But let’s first step back to a memorable moment last April when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, on the Senate floor during the sequestration debate, hurled a verbal bomb at anti-Obamacare Americans, calling them “Tea Party Anarchists” (video). Now fast forward to this past Saturday’s House votes, when the Senate leader did it again, this time tweeting:

Despite Senator Reid’s implacability, when the three controversial House measures finally did come up for vote, House Democrats joined Republicans 423-0 to keep the military funded in case of a government shutdown and split 231 to 172 over a one-year delay in implementing Obamacare with two Republicans voting against the bill, two Democrats supporting it.

Seventeen Democrats peeled off to join House Republicans in repealing the Obamacare-funded medical device tax.

In the lead-up to Saturday’s vote, despite a 21-hour-plus filibuster effort, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, failed in his attempt to stop the Senate from voting on the House spending bill which had added language to defund Obamacare, allowing Senate Democrats to reinsert the funding and move their version of the bill through the Senate, bouncing it back to the House.

A light moment during Sen. Ted Cruz’ filibuster came approximately six hours into it when he read children’s author Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham” bedtime story to his two young daughters. Tweeters were either enchanted or derisive, quickly trending #Green Eggs and Ham onto Twitter’s Top 10 topics.

A member of Cruz’ staff tweeted this photo of daughters Christine and Caroline as they delightedly watched their Daddy on TV read them their nightly bedtime story.


Certainly not everyone was enraptured of Cruz’ filibustered attempt to stave off a Senate vote on Obamacare funding. Recall the left’s outrage over Sarah Palin’s 2010 midterm election campaign map that featured crosshairs on the districts of 20 Democratic lawmakers who voted for the health-care bill? Palin was excoriated by detractors who blamed her for the shooting of Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Yet… nary a peep about this distasteful photo of Sen. Cruz holding a gun to his head which was tweeted out to the world.

Regardless, the “Princeton Cowboy” has his supporters, as this “Most Interesting Man” tweeted spoof proved:

Reporting from Beirut, I’m Lee Stranahan. Blogger.

Having just resigned from reporting for Breitbart.com, blogger/reporter Lee Stranahan grabbed his camera, batteries, and a tripod and headed for Lebanon, where he’s been in Beirut videotaping “bite-sized” news blogs to YouTube, and pushing the news out on Twitter.

Online news journals such as Hot Air have picked up Stranahan’s video reports.

Lee Stranahan has been in Beirut for the past several days interviewing survivors of the Maaloula fight, and reports that religious cleansing was the motive all along — with forced conversions and an effort to empty Maaloula of its Christian population …”

Twitchy reported, “Thanks to the power of crowd-funding, filmmaker and independent journalist Lee Stranahan has been in Beirut, Lebanon for about a week, where he hopes to shine a light on the mostly unreported story of Syria’s Christian refugees [and] is proud to help spread the word about Christian refugees from a terrific reporter exposing what should be all over the U.S. media.”

Bloggers increasingly doing the job the corporate legacy media won’t do.

Tweeting Terrorists.

Free Beacon reports that al Qaeda has opened a Twitter account, adding that U.S. officials describe its intent as “an effort to resolve a major split over Syria’s Islamist rebels.” Defense and national security expert Bill Gertz wrote that counterterrorism analysts view the new Twitter account as another indicator that terrorist groups are stepping up their use of social media over traditional Internet sites.

“The official al Qaeda account also highlights the view among Islamists that Twitter is fast becoming an essential tool for online jihad, or holy war,” Gertz wrote.

The lightness of being

Benjamin Ames and his 4-year-old daughter sang their rendition of the song “Tonight You Belong to Me,” capturing the hearts of more than 2,957,296 viewers since it was posted on Sept. 17th.

And this hilarious video features napping baby Amaya who all of a sudden pops awake to “dance” Gangnam-style to her favorite song. Big sister’s laughter is priceless! The video was uploaded seven months ago and has attracted well over seven million views.


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The Last Word

Popular financial expert and blogger Karl Denninger is going Galt. Galt? You mean you don’t know? Denninger joins another popular producer who “went Galt” last year. Seen Atlas Shrugged, the movie, yet?

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