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Faith-based film handed R-rating for message?

(Fox News) The filmmakers behind the faith-based flick “My Son” were shocked when their low-budget movie was handed an R-rating from the Motion Pictures Association of America. Now, the church behind the movie is charging that the MPAA handed out the strict rating because of the film’s religious message.

“First of all there’s no [bad] language in the film at all,” Jarod O’Flaherty, the movie’s director, told Fox News. “But when you compare the content that is this film to even the mildest PG-13 action movies that are out there, the content of our film comes in as much less graphic… So it raises some questions about what was it in this film that got us the R-rating?”

O’Flaherty said he’s convinced the rating had to do with the religious message the movie promotes.