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Flagship show to focus on America's judgment

This week marks the 12th anniversary of the Islamic terror attacks on New York City and the Pentagon, but have Americans, who briefly flocked to churches in the aftermath of the mass murder, learned any lessons from it?

The question will be the focus of a series of programs on the Christian Television Network as one of its flagship shows, “It’s Time For Herman & Sharron,” broadcasts a special adaptation of “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment.”

The show’s Wednesday edition featuring the “Judgment” video will be followed Thursday with a focus on a new book, “The 9/11 Prophecy.”

The “Isaiah” project was edited and directed by award-winning filmmaker George Escobar and features messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, author of the New York Times bestseller “The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery That Holds The Secret of America’s Future.”

The documentary contends that like the Old Testament nation of Israel, when it suffered a limited incursion by Assyria, America turned its back on God, separated itself and vowed to rebuild – alone. Cahn believes the 9/11 attacks were a limited incursion to prompt America to return to its godly roots.

The “Prophecy” recounts a warning that was given months before 9/11 that catastrophe was about to come “in a single hour.”

The Christian Television Network, founded by Bob D’Andrea, is Florida-based with a national viewership through its own stations of more than 16 million.

“It’s Time For Herman & Sharron” has been rated consistently among the top 10 Christian programs on cable television and has an extended national programming base of CTN, Insp Digital, Sky-Angel and DirecTV.

The “Isaiah 9:10 Judgment” has been the top-selling faith video on Amazon for most of the time since it’s release in early 2012.

One review on the site wrote, “If this doesn’t cause your hair to stand-up on the back of your neck, then I don’t know what will!”

The two-hour documentary is about Bible prophecy unfolding today – an ancient judgment that befell Israel repeating itself in America.

Not only have sales reached well into six figures for “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,” a WND Films release, but customer satisfaction is exceptionally high, said producer Joseph Farah, the founder of WND, WND Books and WND Films.

“Since this movie came out, I have heard nothing but raves about the production – from how meaningful it has been to people’s lives and worldview to how exceptional they found the quality of the presentation,” said Farah.

One reviewer at Amazon put it this way: “Before this purchase, my view of WND Films was ‘Who is WND?’ Having seen ‘Isaiah 9:10,’ I will now buy any of their productions with total confidence. This is not a cheap DVD. It is well worth the premium price. The eye-opening content, the HD quality picture, the excellent music and the style and flow are executed perfectly.”

The “Isaiah 9:10 Judgment” reveals shocking parallels between events in ancient Israel described in chapter 9 of Isaiah and what is happening in America since 9/11.

See the trailer:

The “9/11 Prophecy,” by James F. Fitzgerald, is about how New York City received warning 14 months before 9/11  of an imminent  “surprise attack in a single hour” would be a sign pointing to prophetic events described in chapter 18 of the book of Revelation.

In July 2000, Fitzgerald and his team released “The Book of Revelation” at a secular film festival at Madison Square Garden. Their 110-minute feature was the first word-for-word production of the Bible’s most famous prophetic book ever produced. It took 10 months and hundreds of thousands of dollars to complete. More than 500 scenes were created in computers to convey the fantastic biblical imagery.

“Then the week before we went to the festival,” says Fitzgerald, “as I reviewed our master for any problems, the Lord suddenly spoke to me through a verse of scripture in chapter 18. It said, ‘This was the greatest city ever.’

“That verse caught my attention because here we were preparing to go to the media capital of the world in a matter of days. That also caused me to remember a book from the 1980s that had predicted the Lord’s imminent fiery destruction of New York. I hadn’t read the book and didn’t think it made sense in the way that God worked, without giving preliminary warnings and judgments, but I decided to go restudy the chapter.

Here’s your chance to find out what led up to the 9/11 terror attacks and what they mean for America in the endtimes.

“What I soon discovered stunned me. In chapter 18, three different groups described the Lord’s judgment on the great city of Babylon. In each case, every one of these groups fit the description of New York City more than any other city on the planet.

“I came away thinking if the Lord is ever going to judge Babylon as scripture foretold, surely He must also have to judge New York at some point in the future. It was such an amazing ‘type’ of Babylon. I knew in spite of its doing many good things, the city had been complicit in so many things that were wrong in our country and the world.”

In the book’s prologue, Fitzgerald writes: “Not only had God’s judgment been a surprise attack and a prophetic sign as I had believed, but it had proved to be a powerful catalyst. The spectacular strike on America by just nineteen jihadists in the first year of the New Millennium had turned the course of history in a single hour. God’s judgment on 9/11 had begun the endtimes.”

The trailer: