By Jeff Rayno

When I don’t like what I see on TV, I change the channel. But what do we do in reality when all we see is garbage? Can I click in to another world? Political correctness is attempting to whip us all into submission to accept certain ideas, values and ways of living. It uses “incrementalism” as its tool of choice to cause paradigm shifts over time. All that was right is now wrong, and if we choose to hold on to past beliefs, then we are the evil ones.

The recent decision by the 1,400 voting members of the Boy Scouts of America to allow gays into the Boy Scouts really was a shock to fathers across America who want to nurture, protect, teach and work alongside their sons in a godly way. A prior Supreme Court decision had confirmed that the bylaws of the BSA were lawful and constitutional, but a group within the organization has decided to rewrite the rules according to what they believed, in opposition to the law, truth and tradition. To believe that the downgrading of the Boy Scouts will stop here is to misjudge the homosexual agenda. The endgame at a minimum will require the acceptance of leaders who are openly homosexual.

These actions caused thousands of men and their sons to prayerfully consider the creation of a new organization to develop character traits that will be the catalyst for responsible husbands, fathers and citizens of the future. This idea caused a debate among some men who felt they should stay within the BSA and either try to bring it back or isolate themselves from the parent organization’s corruption. How do you play in mud and not get dirty?

Paul Weyrich, now deceased, was a co-founding member of the Heritage Foundation who believed that there would come a time when politics would be abandoned in an effort to create a counterculture. In a Free Congress Foundation paper he wrotes:

“The reason, I think, is that politics itself has failed. And politics has failed because of the collapse of the culture. The culture we are living in becomes an ever-wider sewer. In truth, I think we are caught up in a cultural collapse of historic proportions, a collapse so great that it simply overwhelms politics.”

The years it would take to correct the damage caused by one vote taken by the BSA this year would be monumental. Deep in the struggle, our young men would be growing up unattended, while parents fight a losing battle to save what was once the Boy Scouts of America. Countless amounts of money would be wasted battling in courts that are growing more and more liberal every day. What is truly needed is a new organization built on solid principles with bylaws that are stronger than those of the BSA which would allow godly families to begin a new chapter.

On Sept. 6 and 7, 2013, a group temporarily named “On My Honor” will meet in Nashville, Tenn., to form such a group. Using the American Heritage Girls as a template for their organization, a new name, logo and branding will take place, as well as the development of new programs that will teach practical life skills with an emphasis on leadership and character. It will be clearly understood by all members that the context for sexual relations is between a man and a woman in the covenant of marriage.

Perhaps this is the beginning of the Weyrich vision. We can change the program of society, but unlike the modern world, the remote control doesn’t work. We have to get off the seat and make an effort. It’s an investment of time, energy and patience. We will be scolded by those who love the darkness of sin, but the net result will be future culture warriors, our sons, who live in a light brighter than any neon screen. They walk in the truth – the only reality that matters.

Jeff Rayno lives in Savannah, Ga. He is a recovering politician.

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