President Barack Obama is a master of the irrelevant. editor-at-large Ben Shapiro knows this, and no doubt is on an enemies list somewhere.

Witness the opening salvo from his blockbuster new book, “Bullies: How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences Americans”: “On March 10, 2011, President Barack Obama led a White House conference on a crisis plaguing America: the crisis of bullying.

“In the middle of the greatest economic collapse since the Great Depression,” Shapiro continues, “with American soldiers involved in two wars overseas, with Iran on the brink of nuclear weapons development, the White House was focused, laserlike, on kids getting thrown into lockers.”

Whoa. Gotta love Shapiro’s attitude and hilarity in pointing out what a weak leader Obama really is. The radio co-host, attorney and writer knows his subject well, which makes this book fascinating. In fact, you might not believe just how low Obama-ites are willing to go. For instance: When the tea party emerged and surged, thus threatening Obama’s approval ratings, he pushed his media attack dogs out in front. “Never negotiate with terrorists,” wrote Joe Nocera in the New York Times.

Terrorists! Patriotic Americans were protesting a thoroughly corrupt president, and they are vilified.

As Shapiro so astutely notes, “This was shades of Father Coughlin,” the loud Catholic bigot of the 1930s.

Further, Shapiro writes: “Scapegoating and bullying the tea party has remained a mainstay of the Obama administration all the way to the present.”

Indeed, there are so many examples of vicious lies coming from the Obama left in this book, the reader will be truly shocked. We hear things bit by bit, but taken collectively, as they are in “Bullies,” we see a frightful picture of mendacity coming from the White House, the likes of which the citizenry has never seen. One begins to wonder if this is all TV farce, made up by a Hollywood writer.

However, the tone of “Bullies,” is deadly serious, and Shapiro performs a valuable service by pointing out the outrageous ways in which an Obama-led political and media culture bullies real Americans.

Shapiro’s wit and devastating counter-punches will inspire the reader, as evidenced by his description of Sarah Palin-hating “comedian” Louis C.K. and various other Republican-haters: “This delightful individual got invited to the White House, too, where he spent five hours hanging out with Obama speechwriter Jonathan Favreau. Betty White took a break from being old long enough to call Palin a ‘crazy bitch’ on the ‘Craig Ferguson Show.’ Thankfully, because of the show’s ratings, just two people saw it – White and Ferguson.”

Funny stuff, but the reader is never far from the thought that the left in America is anything but funny. Instead, their goal is truly to intimidate and frighten and demoralize. And their ringleader in the Oval Office delights in every outrage against conservatives.
Shapiro understands exactly how the left operates with its lies and attacks, and his section on racism is brilliant.

Notice his intuitive understanding of how the left uses the issue: “They manipulate emotion by claiming victimhood, then bludgeon political opponents into submission. Thus a Hispanic man who had his head bashed against pavement by a black man ends up a symbol of white racism – and that racism justifies the entire plethora of leftist causes.”

Another gem from “Bullies” is the example of Steve Zwick, a “climate-change guru,” who says climate-change deniers should be hunted down!

“Let’s start keeping track of them now, and when the famines come, let’s make them pay,” Zwick declared. “Let’s let their houses burn. Let’s swap their safe land for submerged islands. Let’s force them to bear the cost of rising food prices.”

Such examples from “Bullies” should compel the rest of us, those who are still sane, to at least recognize the depth of the problem. If the average person in America understood the level of harmful propaganda employed by the left, perhaps we really would “throw the bums out.”

Instead, for the time being, we force brave Americans like Ben Shapiro to be our eyes and ears.

It’s time more of us got into the game and opposed these destroyers of America. This new book “Bullies” is our rallying cry.

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