Now that the “thinkable” has happened, and Mitt Romney is just an historical footnote in politics, the United States must fasten its seatbelt and wait out four more years of the Obama White House.

Or is it merely “waiting out”? Is that even possible, to sit by rather passively and pray we live to see January 2017?

Wayne Allyn Root isn’t going to sit on his hands and wait to find out. His new book, “The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide: How to Survive, Thrive, and Prosper During Obamageddon,” is an inspiring bit of writing and passing on of vital knowledge.

The former host at CNBC and self-described “capitalist evangelist,” Root has the moxie, knowledge and perseverance to lead committed Americans to a way out of the zombie-apocalypse economy Obama has rigged for this nation.

Root, a former classmate of Obama’s at Columbia University, has written a classic handbook for protecting your assets for the next four years. It’s an absorbing read, and with Root’s go-get’em attitude, even the financial novice need not be intimidated. Root’s book is that good.

For some time, we’ve heard that a choked economy will turn ugly. Now, with fast-food restaurants charging for condiment packets, average Americans are noticing the darkening shadows. First, Root shows us:

  • Specifically how Obama is killing capitalism by creating only two classes: the super-rich (rewarded with bribes, stimulus money and government contracts) and the poor (who seal their slavery to the system by supporting Obama and his subsequent handouts).
  • Obama is overwhelming the system with deficits, debt, entitlements, regulations and tax hikes.

Sure, there’s plenty that’s gloomy in “The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide,” but that’s the point. If we don’t face it head on, we are in for a worse period than just the next four years.

Root, however, maps out a strategy that can actually work. For example:

  • How to use Y-Pods – Your Personal Obama Defense Shields – to improve your financial position. Yes, this can be done, even in a sick economy. In fact, some of the best opportunities of your financial life are possible!
  • Developing your own personal economy boom by understanding investments and assets, such as farmland, energy sources, collectibles and medical real estate.

Root also highlights the financial strategies being used by 18 millionaires to protect themselves from Obamageddon.

Root pulls no punches: “Never underestimate Obama. He is, in my opinion, the most brilliant stealth Marxist ever. … He has figured out how to make something work that no one else ever could. How to slowly collapse the formerly great U.S. economy. How to slowly hook a majority of Americans on government dependence. How to use crisis to turn America into a socialist economy – without a big fight. … It’s all breathtakingly brilliant.”

According to Root, in his first three years, Obama created four times as many regulations as Bush did, at a cost of $46 billion to the American businessman.

Ironically, as Obama continues his planned path to destruction, his very presence is creating new avenues of profit for people willing to look. Root points out that as gun-control initiatives proliferate, those very efforts are driving a “new economy”: “On Feb. 27 [2013], gunmaker Sturm Ruger & Co. reported that 2012 earnings were up 77.7 and sales up 49.7 percent. Sturm Ruger stock is up 789 percent since the day Obama took office.”

The reader will actually enjoy the detail in “The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide” related to personal wealth creation, but notice the can-do attitude Root emphasizes: “Multiply yourself to create additional sources of income. Get a second job, a third job – or, better yet, start your own business. This author has a dozen careers and still took on another to write this book. I can sleep when I’m dead. Until then, I owe it to my family to work 16 hours a day (minimum) to survive and thrive. That is how you create financial freedom and independence. These are things Obama hates. He wants you desperate, hopeless and dependent on him. But those of us willing to work 16-hour days, seven days a week, don’t need Obama or the government. Therefore we aren’t beholden to him.”

Frankly, this book is fun to read and process. Why? Again, Root’s enthusiasm for helping real Americans, plus his penchant for making difficult financial concepts (for some) easier to understand and, most importantly, to implement.

“The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide” will become perhaps your favorite book about the nation’s worst president.

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