President Obama – or President Reagan? Using the words and actions of these two men, this provocative yet highly entertaining film documentary illustrates in the clearest possible terms America’s current economy and the choices facing us – as well as the sure consequences of those choices. Best of all, today only, WND readers can get their own copy of the acclaimed DVD documentary “I Want Your Money” for only $4.95 – a whopping $20 discount off the regular $24.95 price.

In essence, there are two versions of the American Dream now staring us in the face. Which do you choose: Big government or personal responsibility?

As we look around us, we cannot help but see the malignancy creeping through our towns, cities and states – the entire nation being brought to its knees. The cancer is government expansion through ever-increasing taxation and spending. Citizen outcry has reached such a decibel level that the problem no longer can be kicked down the road.

In “I Want Your Money,” filmmaker Ray Griggs illustrates America’s current plight and offers sound direction in our journey back to the America intended by its founders.

“I Want Your Money” is about two diametrically opposed concepts of governance. One views the money you earned as yours and best allocated by you. It champions the traditional American dream, which has played out millions of times through generations of Americans, of improving one’s lot in life and the entrepreneurial spirit of daring to dream and to build big. The other believes that the federal government, using taxpayers’ money, should play a major role in leveling out the nation’s wealth to guarantee outcomes to all, regardless of effort.

How America chooses between these two views of the role of government, at this crucial juncture, will have everything to do with the future we and our children and our children’s children will enjoy.

Join Griggs as he contrasts the two paths the United States can take, using the words and actions of Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan. Griggs employs a variety of film techniques ranging from playful animations to serious interviews.

Conversations with Mike Huckabee, Stephen Moore, Michael Reagan, John Stossel, Ed Meese, Star Parker and many others help tell the story of the choice between the Obama and the Reagan views of the role of the federal government in our society.

The film examines how these big government programs have been tried in the past at great moral and financial cost to the nation. California is offered as a case in point in understanding what economic challenges might face the nation if we choose the larger government path. Finally, “I Want Your Money” is a call to action for those who care about the future of the United States.

NOTE: This 2012 Director’s Cut version contains additional footage not included in the theatrical release. Following are three brief clips from “I Want Your Money.”



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