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WASHINGTON – Iran claims to have reverse-engineered a captured U.S. drone tracked and brought down inside the country in late 2011, according to report from Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, or IRGC, intends to unveil it soon.

In December 2011, IRGC forces electronically tricked a highly classified U.S. RQ-170 drone into Iran after it had taken off from Afghanistan.

The U.S. drone was under the command of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Informed sources say that its capture and reverse engineering may have compromised the entire U.S. stealth drone program.

CIA has been launching the drones from Afghanistan to gather intelligence on Iran. At the time, the SQ-170 was made to land in Iran with minimal damage. The Iranians then claimed to have deciphered the coded software and learned other secrets surrounding the SQ-170.

Esmaeil Kowsari, a member of the Iranian parliament and vice chairman of the parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, said the Iranians brought down the drone through sophisticated hacking of satellites that controlled the drone.

“The plane was designed to fly on SAT (satellite) orders from an initiation base,” Kowsari contended. “If for any reason contact with the initiation base – in this case Afghanistan – was lost it should respond to orders given by another base in the U.S. If contact with both of the bases is lost, then it should return immediately to the initial base.

“If it cannot, self-destruction is the ultimate choice,” he added.

“Despite this, the Iranian electronic war hackers were not only able to hack the SAT controlling the drone and sever contacts with the Afghanistan base, they were also able to simulate their base as the U.S. base for the plane, and as the higher ranking base forced the plane to land without destroying itself, the artificial intelligent-based software did not even suspect that it is being controlled by the Iranian forces.”

As an indication that Iranian electronic measures may be aimed at U.S. forces in the region in retaliation, Kowsari warned that the Iranians will be undertaking electronic warfare against “all computer-based network systems in the U.S. and Europe.”

“Since the algorithm and logic behind other systems are much simpler, the Iranians may be able to control all radars, satellites, planes, ships, tanks, rockets, cruise missiles of the U.S. and NATO throughout the world,” he added.

“They may be able to even control American soldiers, who are driven to fight using satellite controlled infrared systems.”

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