“If this doesn’t cause your hair to stand-up on the back of your neck, then I don’t know what will!” wrote one reviewer at Amazon about the No. 1 faith movie for 69 weeks.

“When this video was brought to our attention we KNEW it was from God,” wrote another. “It is a warning – a stern warning – to America.”

“These DVDs have been borrowed and viewed by many friends so far,” wrote another of the 405 reviewers. “Very well done.”

They’re all talking about “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,” a two-hour documentary about Bible prophecy unfolding today – an ancient judgment that befell Israel repeating itself in America.

Of the 405 reviews posted on Amazon since the movie was released in March 2012, 80 percent, or 326 get the top ranking of five stars. Another 49 gave it four stars.

Not only have sales reached well into six figures for “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,” a WND Films release, but customer satisfaction is exceptionally high, said producer Joseph Farah, the founder of WND, WND Books and WND Films.

“Since this movie came out, I have heard nothing but raves about the production – from how meaningful it has been to people’s lives and worldview to how exceptional they found the quality of the presentation,” said Farah.

One reviewer at Amazon put it this way: “Before this purchase, my view of WND Films was ‘Who is WND?’ Having seen ‘Isaiah 9:10,’ I will now buy any of their productions with total confidence. This is not a cheap DVD. It is well worth the premium price. The eye-opening content, the HD quality picture, the excellent music and the style and flow are executed perfectly.”

After 18 months in release, “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment” is still the No. 1 bestselling faith movie at Amazon and currently ranks as the fourth bestselling documentary of any kind.

“The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment” features messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn, the author of the bestselling Christian book “The Harbinger,” which has been on the New York Times bestsellers list every week since it was released in January 2012. “The Harbinger” tells the story of Isaiah 9:10 in a narrative style, while “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment” tackles it in documentary form – showing viewers the events of the 9/11 attack and what transpired thereafter actually taking place.

Both the book and the movie reveal shocking parallels between events in ancient Israel described in chapter 9 of Isaiah and what is happening in America since 9/11.

“Because of the overwhelmingly enthusiastic public reception to this movie, WND Films has geared up three new releases for 2013 and even more for 2014,” said Farah. “Just as WND Books shook up the publishing industry more than 10 years ago, WND Films is shocking the movie business – particularly the documentary movie business and the Christian movie business.”

So far this year, WND Films has released two new films:

WND Films is in the final production stages of a November release called “The Rabbi Who Found Messiah,” which will come out with a book of the same title by evangelical minister and radio talk-show host Carl Gallups, author of “Magic Man in the Sky.” The new book and movie focus on the amazing story of Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, a venerated, mystical Israeli religious leader, who died at 108, but not before telling his followers he had an encounter with the Messiah, whom he named in a letter that was not to be revealed to the public until one year after his death. Israelis and Jews around the world were shocked when his letter was released and contained the name Yehoshuah, the formal version of Yeshua, the Hebrew version of Jesus. This film explores Kaduri’s other predictions – some which came to pass in his lifetime and others pertaining to issues unfolding in the headlines today.

“The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment” was inspired by Jonathan Cahn’s “The Harbinger,” a book that has been on the New York Times bestsellers list since it was released Jan. 1, 2012.

Films, which released the movie, has since produced a trilogy of shorter teachings by Jonathan Cahn – with more planned.

See the trailer:

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