(WEATHER CHANNEL) Did you look up at the sky this morning and see a brilliant flash of light streaking across the horizon? Don’t be alarmed, that wasn’t a UFO, or a sign of the apocalypse, but a large fireball — an extremely bright meteor —shooting through Earth’s atmosphere.

More than 230 reports from 11 different states flowed into the American Meteor Society (AMS) early Thursday morning reporting a bright flash slowly trickling across the sky. Based on those reports, the AMS estimates the fireball was moving from west to east across the Midwest, before ultimately culminating somewhere in eastern Indiana.

Kevin Keadle, 26, of Palatine, Ill. was one of those lucky enough to catch the meteor. Keadle told Weather.com he snapped the picture above from his apartment around 6:20 CDT and that the fireball was “really visible” and moved extremely slowly across the sky, lasting “a minute-and-a-half to two minutes.”

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