(London Guardian) — Sometimes it really does suck to be gay. In addition to the usual hard work – the recruiting of innocents, the destruction of the institution of marriage, compulsory brunch – there’s been an unusually high volume of international bigotry and bad news to put up with this week.

Take the recent diss from Guido Barilla, the chairman of his family’s famous pasta company. He announced on air that he would never feature a gay family in one of Barilla’s ads. Clearly unaware that gay people can actually hear what he says on the radio, Barilla added that he had “no respect for adoption by gay families because this concerns a person who is not able to choose.” He then encouraged those of us who found his statements offensive to eat another brand.

Within hours, Italian activists and politicians obliged by calling for a boycott. The hashtag “#boycottbarrilla!” began trending on Twitter and popping up all over Facebook, along with a trove of brilliant satiric images. American blogger John Aravosis, who speaks Italian, nailed the lid on by providing a helpful translation of Barilla’s remarks on his Americablog site, plus regular updates of Barilla’s frantic attempts to backtrack. At last count, he and the company had issued three separate statements, including one non-sequiturial rambling from Barilla about women’s central role in the family, plus an awful “I’m-sorry-if-anyone-was-offended” pseudo-apology that only made him sound like a bigger jerk than ever.

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