Let me try to clarify the terms of the current debate among House Republicans and their deeply misguided leadership over Obamacare.

It’s really very simple: Not defunding is defending.

This needs to be the slogan for House Republicans who have a conscience, who believe in the Constitution, who understand where America is headed fiscally, who comprehend the consequences of letting this legislative abomination stand.

Not defunding is defending.

It’s true.

Republicans were handed the reins of the House for just such a time as this. They were elected in 2010 because the American people rejected Obamacare. They lost seats in 2012 because they wavered for two years in what they claimed was an absolute commitment to repeal it.

In short, the Republican House leadership lied. They deceived. They tried to broker the threat of Obamacare’s implementation for the presidency, control of the Senate and more votes in the House they didn’t even need. They claimed they didn’t have the power to repeal. That may be technically true. But they have had the power to defund since January 2011 – and they have failed to use it.

Failing to use that power this year and next could very well lead the Republicans to lose control of the most powerful house in the most powerful branch of the federal government.

Not defunding is defending.

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Why is failure to defund tantamount to defending Obamacare? Because House Republicans got power by running on opposition to Obamacare but failed to do anything meaningful with the power that was handed to them. It has been an outright betrayal of their campaign promises. It has been a signal to millions of Americans that Republicans really don’t represent a viable alternative to Democratic rule. It has been a discouragement to Americans, who were so fired up they went into the streets and traveled to Washington to protest, that there really is nothing they can do to influence Washington. It has not just been a betrayal of their own constituency, it’s been a betrayal of the concept of representative government and the rule of law.

Coupled with the failure to defund has been the House Republican leadership’s failure to stand firm against the biggest borrowing and spending spree in American history – by far. They have had and continue to have the power to stop it. But they have consciously decided not to do so for their own narrow, selfish and shortsighted political motivations.

Not defunding is defending.

Republicans in the House need to see the battle lines clearly. Are members going to continue blindly to follow their leadership because they want prime committee assignments and chairmanships for themselves? Or are they going to do the right thing?

The right thing to do is to defund Obamacare. It would turn Republican House members into heroes among the American people. It could even turn around John Boehner’s own personal popularity if he is forced – kicking and screaming – into doing the right thing.

Frankly, it’s the only way to salvage a very poor record as House speaker.

Not defunding is defending.

It’s really true.

Republicans are putting themselves in the position of being complicit in the Obamacare scam. There’s no other way to view it. That’s the way millions of Americans, mostly Republicans, will see it. I already see it that way. And I strongly suspect many, if not most, rank-and-file House Republicans see it that way if they take the time to examine their souls and consciences.

Republicans won’t win in 2014 by playing it “safe.” They won’t win in 2014 by being “nice” and conciliatory to the other party and their acolytes in the press. They won’t win in 2014 by following the leader. They won’t win in 2014 by believing the advice of people who hate them.

They will only win by recognizing the desperate straits our country is in and standing up to save it.

That starts by honoring their commitment to do whatever is necessary to rid America of the plague that is Obamacare.

Not defunding is defending.

See the website of the effort by some lawmakers to defund Obamacare.

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