[To Pat Buchanan:] Thank you for the clarity with which you write.

As a Vietnam veteran and later on as a physician (and cranky older codger now), I have become progressively disgusted with our national pretensions to morality; we have easily killed, wounded or displaced somewhere between 15 and 30 million men, women and children around the globe since I was commissioned in 1968.

As you have noted, there seems to be no willingness to acknowledge our use of nuclear weapons, land mines, cluster bombs, napalm, white phosphorus, depleted uranium, Agent Orange, or drone attacks across sovereign borders – or our own surely existing arsenal of chemical and biologic weapons.

Hey, why should the Israelis sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty? And, my, didn’t Iraq and Afghanistan work out well!

Thanks for the voice that MSNBC won’t let me hear in person.

C. Besanceney

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