From the Daily Beast came the following devastator concerning a considerable number of our major Old Big Media – which the Weekly Standard listed by name:

“These days, journalists don’t retire, they just join the Obama administration.”

That, ladies and gentlemen, provides an outline of why I continue to rejoice in the existence of both the Internet and talk radio. For they provide such a welcome contrast and national balance to those media whose allegedly independent reporters so easily slip from supposedly covering the president to enlisting in his paid service.

Like Time, the Washington Post, the Associated Press, the Boston Globe, CBS News, ABC News, National Journal, the Chicago Tribune, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal, noted the Standard.

How long will it take – if ever – for these Old Big Media to comprehend the ethical corruption of their reporters covering the same president who now pays them to stop covering and begin serving him?

Politico also attracted the Standard’s critique when Politico Editor John Harris co-bylined a September article headlined: “And What’s Right with President Obama?”

To which his responses included:

“His smile remains dazzling even if he flashes it less often.”

“His long-standing ability to coolly assess his circumstances and then adopt them means that he is still better positioned than his peers to work his way out of his problems.”

To this, the Weekly Standard commented:

“This would be a fawning generalization under any circumstances. But in the wake of Obama’s Syria dithering, such an observation is completely at odds with his handling of perhaps the most sensitive and high pressure episode of his presidency.

“The president’s repeated failures to ‘coolly assess his circumstances’ should be plenty obvious, but apparently it’s too much to ask our press to acknowledge reality instead of re-writing it.”

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