(WASHINGTON TIMES) WASHINGTON, September 19, 2013 — Following the successful recall of two senators in Colorado, another liberal elected official with an entrenched political family seems to be the next target after offending some Christian and conservative groups.

Over the summer, a non-discrimination ordinance (NDO) has been working its way through San Antonio, Texas’ city council. The mayor of this metro area of more than 2.23 million people is Julian Castro, whose identical twin brother is Congressman Joaquin Castro.

Their mother is Maria “Rosie” Castro, who helped establish the La Raza Unida political party in the 1970s, a party that, among other things, believes in a revolutionary nationalist unification of Chicano, Latino and Native American peoples of the southwestern United States. This group is identified with wanting to unify states from the southwest U.S. and join them with Mexico. The Castro brothers are Democrats, and some may consider La Raza to be a militant organization.


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