Obama’s message to Assad is a classic.

It is tantamount to a mom who lacks the intestinal fortitude to discipline a naughty child. Instead of simply taking care of a problem when it happens, she stamps her foot and tells her youngster, “When your dad gets home, he is going o punish you!”

For the first time in his four-plus years as president, Obama has suddenly gone all constitutional on us.

He drew a red line on the use of chemical weapons for Syria’s dictator, Bashar Assad, again and again. In fact, there is evidence that this red line has been crossed as many as 14 times.

After losing face on the world stage, Obama beat his chest and announced that he is finally going to “punish” Assad with the help of some of our allies. Our best friends turned their backs on him and refused to participate (another embarrassment). There was more chest pounding as our warships moved into position. Then, Obama suddenly calls a halt to the operation in order to ask permission from Congress. Obama simply did not have the stomach to go it alone.

In this case, Obama is the mom (the one in the frilly undershorts), and Congress is the dad.

It’s this all too familiar scenario, dad (Congress) comes home after work (in this case a month-long vacation), and the misdeed is all but forgotten. Does he take out his belt and start World War III or does he simply send the child to bed without supper?

Contrast this with the Israeli mom, Benjamin Netanyahu (the one in the big-girl panties), who takes decisive action when necessary. By the time dad comes home, the household is peaceful and there is no hint that mom took any action at all. If a question is asked about the discipline she dishes out from time to time, she makes no comment and simply smiles demurely.

Israel doesn’t beat her chest and threaten war. However, the Jewish state is known to have carried out several foreign military attacks recently.

In 2007, there was an airstrike that destroyed a Syrian nuclear facility that was being built at Al Kibar.

In late January, the IDF attacked a convoy carrying shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles and Iranian short-range ballistic missiles believed destined for Hezbollah fighters in Syria.

On July 5, an Israeli submarine launched a cruise missile attack on the port city of Latakia that is believed to have destroyed a shipment of Russian-made anti-ship missiles.

How do we know these things? Not because of Israeli chest pounding. We know through the process of elimination and leaks from the Obama Pentagon. Yes, with friends like Obama, Israel doesn’t need enemies!

At this point, there are no good options for attacking Syria. The options we do have are becoming more dangerous and less appealing with each passing day.

As Obama dithers, Russia is sending warships to the region and Assad is moving his military assets out of the areas we targeted and moving innocent civilians into them.

Also, the moderate rebels have been steadily losing ground to the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaida. Ousting Assad may bring about a government that is far worse that the present one.

We know that this latest chemical weapons attack killed 1,429 people in the most inhumane way possible. However, we cannot be sure that this nerve agent was used by Assad. Many believe it was used by al-Qaida forces who have gained access to some of these weapons. It’s no secret that the rebels have their backs against the wall and al-Qaida has no qualms about killing innocent civilians to further its goals.

Yes, the administration assures us that Assad did this deed. This is the same administration that told us the attack on our mission in Benghazi was simply a reaction to a video, even though it knew better.

Call me cynical, but maybe, just maybe, this president needs a little war to distract the media from the problems plaguing his administration. It wouldn’t be the first time this has happened. Remember Kosovo?

Congress should have no part of it! If we are going to do something constructive in Syria we need a clear-cut objective. Also, we need to take our cue from the Israelis and attack when they least expect it.

Anything we do now would be like our reluctant dad sending his unruly child to bed without supper – with a bag of potato chips in one hand and a candy bar in the other.

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