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Study says life did come from outer space

Take an icy comet, slam it into a rocky planet and voila! Life!

That’s the conclusion of a new study by a scientist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

The federal government lab said a team of international scientists, including a researcher at LLNL, “have confirmed that life really could have come from out of this world.”

The lab reported the scientists “shock compressed an icy mixture, similar to what is found in comets, which then created a number of amino acids — the building blocks of life.”

The results were published Sunday on the Nature Geoscience journal website.

“These results confirm our earlier predictions of impact synthesis of prebiotic material, where the impact itself can yield life-building compounds,” said Nir Goldman, an LLNL scientist. “Our work provides a realistic additional synthetic production pathway for the components of proteins in our solar system, expanding the inventory of locations where life could potentially originate.”

Christian author Ray Comfort of Living Waters ministry, however, said the science isn’t fully connected in the theory.

Comfort recently released a movie called “Evolution vs. God” in which prominent evolutionary experts are unable to provide proof of evolution.

Comfort said he approached some of America’s leading evolutionary scientists with a simple request: Show the proof of the theory. Give scientific evidence — that is, observable evidence — of one kind of being changing into another.

Not adaptation within a species but a change of kind, like a cat changing into a dog.

It takes just 16 minutes of the video to expose Darwinian evolution as bogus science, Comfort told WND.

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In the new study, Goldman declared, “These results present a significant step forward in our understanding of the origin of the building blocks of life.”

But Comfort said the scientists need to listen to what they are saying.

“Believers in atheistic evolution shoot themselves in the foot more than once when they talk of ‘building blocks of life.’ The first bullet is that it is scientifically impossible for life to come from non-life, and the second is that talk of ‘building blocks’ always necessitates a builder. No building blocks of any sort built themselves.

“To try rid God from science is like trying to remove air from the earth’s atmosphere,” Comfort said. “It doesn’t work.”

He said one of the evolutionary scientists in his movie “said something that actually rang true.”

“She maintained that people who believe in intelligent design ‘lack an imagination.’ Evolutionists do have great imaginations. They would make excellent Disney Imagineers. They wish upon a star, toss in the magic of billions of years, and there you have it … life. But it’s nothing but fantasy.”

The federal lab reported  Goldman predicted in 2010 that a collision between a comet and a planet could create the foundations for life.

“Goldman’s initial research found that the impact of icy comets crashing into Earth billions of years ago could have produced a variety of prebiotic or life-building compounds, including amino acids. Amino acids are critical to life and serve as the building blocks of proteins. His work predicted that the simple molecules found in comets (such as water, ammonia, methanol and carbon dioxide) could have supplied the raw materials, and the impact with early Earth would have yielded an abundant supply of energy to drive this prebiotic chemistry.”

The work also was the result of contributions of Imperial College in London and University of Kent. Experiments were created in which a projectile was fired using a light gas gun into a typical cometary ice mixture. The result: Several different types of amino acids formed, the report said.

“These results present a significant step forward in our understanding of the origin of the building blocks of life,” Goldman said.

The report said scientists found that icy bodies with the same compounds created from comet impacts also may be found in the outer solar system.

“For example, Enceladus (one of Saturn’s moons) contains a mix of light organics and water ice. The team concluded that it is highly probable that the impact of a comet traveling with a high enough velocity would impart enough energy to promote shock synthesis of more complex organic compounds, including amino acids, from these ices,” the report said.

Comfort summarized the scientists’ conclusions: “In the beginning there was ammonia, carbon dioxide, methanol and ice. There was a big collision, and time gave us giraffes, horses, cats, bats, elephants, dogs, frogs, fleas, bees, all with male and female, reproducing after their own kind.”

He called Darwinian evolution “an intellectual embarrassment.”

“These people are lost,” Comfort said. “They don’t know where they came from, what they are doing here or, where they are going; and the tragedy is that millions are following them.”

At Topnews, Zita Martins, a research professor at Imperial College London, said comets and meteorites hit earth about 3.8 to 4.5 billion years ago.

“This resulted in the existence of life on earth from about 3.5 billion years ago,” the report said.

Joining in the reaction to the piece was Casey Luskin of The Discovery Institute, who also said the conclusions are faulty.

Luskin, an attorney with graduate degrees in science and law, told WND that no matter what was found, life doesn’t “spontaneously arise from that mixture.”

According to Medical Daily, in the new study, scientists fired projectiles into ice mixtures at 7.15 kilometers per second, and the collision resulted in amino acids.

“This is the first step towards life,”” said a scientist Mark Price from the University of Kent.

The origin of life is being addressed in the coming “Genesis 3D,” a technologically ambitious project of Sevenfold Films and Creation Today.

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Sneak peeks and scenes from the film are already drawing awe-struck praise.

“It’s like a time machine,” claimed Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis. “It takes you back in history as if you were there.”

“I was blown away, the graphics are stunning,” said evangelist and author Comfort.

Eric Hovind, president of Creation Today and executive producer of “Genesis 3D,” told WND, “This project is made by Christians, funded by Christians, for the entire world to witness the truth of the creation week in a visual experience that has never been possible before today’s modern technology.

Hovind said that by “mixing the visual beauty of the creation in 3D with the information to answer skeptical questions, undoubtedly audiences will leave with an incentive to accept the truth of the Bible.”

“And for those who are already believers, they will have their faith fortified and strengthened considerably,” he said.

A trailer for the film can be seen below:

See the trailer for Comfort’s project: