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Time to pay college athletes?

Time magazine recently proposed that it’s time to pay college athletes.

I would respond to that by asserting that when (and if) university athletes begin to be paid, that will surely also be time to repeal the tax exemptions of all such institutions that opt for pro football.

Why should any university or college be tax exempt – as an alleged institute of higher learning – when they become proprietors of hugely profitable professional football teams?

But Time’s Sean Gregory writes the following:

Writer Gregory does concede the following:

  • “Paying players could make even more of a mockery of education. Right now, for example, many athletes cluster into easy majors in order to stay eligible on the field. If they’re making good money while still in school, they may not care one lick about learning. ‘I just don’t think we ever want to go down the path of creating an employee-employer relationship with student-athletes,’ says Bob Bowlsby, commissioner of the Big 12 Conference. ‘This is higher education, and it always ought to be higher education.’

    “But often it is not. The federal graduation rate for football players at Big 12 school Oklahoma, for example, is 38 percent.”

  • “At the University of North Carolina, for example, grades were changed and bogus classes were offered for athletes and non-athletes alike. College sports are already impure; paying players can’t make things much worse. At the highest levels, the games are mass entertainment.”