Michael Savage

Declaring himself “an anti-war conservative,” Dr. Savage was dismayed at the sight of so many American Jewish leaders pushing the U.S. to intervene in Syria.

Noting that the Jewish New Year was about to begin, Savage asked, “Five thousand seven hundred and seventy-our years in the Jewish calendar, and this is the best we can do in terms of leadership – pushing America into a war we don’t even understand?” (Free audio)

Savage also slammed Nancy Pelosi for using a story about her five-year-old grandson to justify going to war. She’d allegedly explained to the boy that America had to intervene to avenge the gassing of Syrian children.

“I wonder how Pelosi felt when her party, the Democrats, killed 72 men, women and children in Waco, Texas,” Savage mused bitterly (Free Audio). “Now of course, they were Christian children, and basically ‘white trash’ Christian children. They weren’t the types of people who go to the non-churches in San Francisco, which are just show churches for the people who live on Pacific Heights” – like Pelosi and her family.

Rush Limbaugh

It’s been over 20 years since Rush Limbaugh’s last bestselling book hit the shelves. This week, he announced that on Oct. 29, the wait will be over, when “Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims” is released.

The book is intended for readers of all ages, and tells the true story of the settlement of America – not the politically correct version pushed in public schools. Within hours of his announcement, the book hit No. 1 on Amazon.com thanks to enthusiastic pre-orders.

Limbaugh also caused a stir when he raised the possibility that the chemical weapons attack in Syria had been carried out by rebels, not the government (Free audio).

In other words, Limbaugh explained, “Al-Qaida was setting off chemical weapons on their own people … to create the situation where we take Bashir out for them because they can’t do it themselves.”

Aaron Klein

Michael Savage joined Aaron Klein to talk about his controversial contention that Israel is behind efforts to push America into war with Syria.

“I believe it’s true,” Savage told Klein. “I believe the evidence points to the fact that Israel was looking to have big brother do her bidding, and I think that it backfired on Israel, and I think that the whole thing about Obama hating Israel is a ruse.”

Also on this week’s show, Klein analyzed Obama’s “proof” of who was behind the chemical weapons attack and looked at the legal issues surrounding a possible U.S. strike. Aaron also read a timely excerpt from his latest book, “Impeachable Offenses” (Free audio).

Mark Levin

“Why are major media outlets ignoring bestselling writer Mark R. Levin?”

That was Kyle Smith’s question at the New York Post this week. He notes that rival paper, the New York Times, has declined to include Levin’s new book, “The Liberty Amendments,” on any of its prestigious bestseller lists, even though it is selling in huge numbers.

On the flip side, however, Hoover Institution fellow and self-described conservative David Davenport reviewed Levin’s book at Forbes and wasn’t impressed: “Several of Levin’s ideas don’t strike me as especially conservative – for example 12-year term limits in Congress ultimately take away the people’s right to elect whom they wish, and the experience of states like California is that the main implications of this are to lose legislative memory and strengthen the hand of professional staff. … In most respects, Levin sounds like he’d just like to be constitutional czar for a day and try to fix everything with new words in the Constitution.”

Laura Ingraham

“There’s no war [John McCain] doesn’t like,” Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters told Ingraham and her audience.

After comparing the situation in Syria to the Vietnam War, Peters added, “When you take this country to war, you have to ask the tough questions. We didn’t [ask those questions when we went] into Iraq, and look what happened.”

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., was also on the show to oppose U.S. intervention in Syria.

Addressing one of his most vocal critics, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, Paul shot back that Kristol “needs to travel a bit, come to a military base … and talk to a hundred GIs. … He should ask them if they’d like to fight in Syria. ‘Do you see a cause worth laying your life and limbs on the line for in Syria?’ I think you’ll hear a resounding no. The country is absolutely opposed to this … it has absolutely no support” (Free audio).

Glenn Beck

Radio and television host Glenn Beck is now going public with his belief the United States is among the famous “Lost 10 Tribes of Israel.”

The theory isn’t original to Beck. The belief, called “Anglo-Israelism” or “British-Israelism,” has a long if not very distinguished pedigree.

On his webcast, Beck walked viewers through the theory, noting possible “hidden” biblical symbols in the official seals of the United States, among other clues.

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