WASHINGTON – You’ve heard of Costco and Walmart and other giant retailers.

But there’s an online retailer creeping up on the big boys of shopping chains.

In the last year, nearly 4 million different people have visited this budding retail giant. That’s 11,000 different people every day, seven days a week, to a single retail destination.

It’s the WND Superstore with a focus on the kinds of products WND visitors are looking for – liberty-minded books and movies, Christian worldview insight, preparedness gear, unique gifts, magazines, specialty items and opportunities to express yourself and make your deepest convictions known to the world.

“The WND Superstore has become one of the leading online retailers – and probably the biggest supporting businesses that are primarily viewed as content websites,” said Joseph Farah, founder and chief executive officer of WND. “I was pretty blown away at almost 4 million unique visitors a year in the WND Superstore. That’s a lot of traffic for any store – virtual or bricks and mortar.”

What do all these people know that you don’t?

Maybe it’s time to find out with the holiday season right around the corner.

“We are now entering by far the heaviest traffic period of the year at the WND Superstore,” said Farah. “In the final three months of the year, traffic and sales are twice as high as usual.”

New visitors will find some great bargains in the weeks and months ahead – including free shopping options, give-away sale prices and, as always, unique gifts and products you simply won’t find anywhere else, including Amazon.

So start checking it out regularly – the WND Superstore.

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