Could the Republican Party establishment choose a presidential candidate in 2016 that is actually worse than John McCain or Mitt Romney in 2016?

Is that possible?

I’ve been asking everyone I know who is plugged in to GOP national politics who they think will be the establishment guy to trump the choice of the grass-roots. You know the Karl Roves of the world have some favorites.

Alarmingly, I keep hearing one name thrown out there – Chris Christie.

Every time I hear it, my reaction is the same: I know he’s going to run, but could the GOP elite really be that stupid? Would they really risk alienating most of the Republican base with a choice like that? I don’t know anyone, with the possible exception of Ann Coulter, who takes Christie seriously. He’s a joke. He’s a liberal Democrat calling himself a Republican governor. This would be an unmitigated disaster for the party – and for the nation.

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How bad is Christie?

Everyone knows about the way he shamelessly and embarrassingly sucked up to Barack Obama.

Everyone knows he is the polar opposite of Rand Paul, who promises to broaden the party’s appeal to younger voters.

Everyone knows he disses conservatives far more than he goes after liberals and Democrats.

Everyone knows he makes a very poor impression visually.

But let me throw out there just one of the latest tidbits concerning Christie that sends shivers down my spine.

The Muslim Brotherhood-inspired Council on American Islamic Relations just listed Christie as an inductee into its Hall of Fame for Americans who battle what they see as “Islamophobia.” Just so you understand, what CAIR, an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror-funding court case in U.S. history, considers “Islamophobia” is the expression of any concern or criticism about Islam’s predilection for hatred and violence and misogyny.

If you don’t like Shariah law, you’re an Islamophobe. If you don’t think waging jihad, or holy war, is a legitimate religious duty, you’re an Islamophobe. If you happen to notice one religion has a virtual monopoly on the use of terrorism around the world, you’re an Islamophobe. If you happen to notice that CAIR is not the civil rights advocate it claims to be and that more than a dozen of its officials and board members have been indicted or convicted of terrorism-related charges, you’re an Islamophobe.

CAIR’s report says Christie is receiving the honor mainly for his nomination of a questionable Muslim judge and statements in the ensuing controversy: “Following Islamophobic criticism of his nomination of Sohail Mohammed as a New Jersey Superior Court judge, Christie pushed back. Commenting on the baseless fear some were spreading about Islamic religious principles Christie bluntly stated, ‘This Sharia law business is just crap. It’s just crazy, and I’m tired of dealing with the crazies.’ Of the nominee, Christie stated, ‘He is an extraordinary American who is an outstanding lawyer and played an integral role in the post-September 11th period in building bridges between the Muslim American community in this state and law enforcement.’ At the height of the Park 51 controversy during the summer of 2010, Christie spoke admirably about the Muslim community in the United States, stating, ‘We cannot paint all of Islam with that brush. We can’t paint all of Islam with the Muhammad Atta brush. We have to bring people together.'”

Christie found himself in the company of the following freedom fighters so honored by CAIR:

  • Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill.;
  • CNN’s Anderson Cooper;
  • Rep. Loretta Sanchez, D-Calif.,;
  • Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas;
  • Rep. Yvette Clark, D-N.Y.;
  • Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-La.;
  • Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss;
  • Rep. Laura Richardson, D-Calif.;
  • former Rep. Hansen Clarke, D-Minn.;

I would like you to take note of all the D’s in that list – and the one over-the-top media darling.

That’s the kind of company Christie is proud to keep.

Would the establishment really back this horse?

Would it really go out of its way to insult the party base?

What I’ve learned in recent years is never to underestimate the arrogance of the GOP establishment. They genuinely seem to care more about nominating their ideological choice than winning the election. Some, like Rove, seem to care more about raising money than winning elections.

So color me concerned that Christie will be their man.

That means conservative, grass-roots, libertarian, tea-party activists need to get busy right now rallying around some formidable opposition.

We know what’s coming. Let’s learn from our mistakes.

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