Rush Limbaugh

Right after his marathon 21-hour anti-Obamacare address on the Senate floor, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, called in to Rush Limbaugh’s show to explain his strategy.

Cruz told Limbaugh that the Republican Party needs to be shaken out of its complacency and defeatism. The GOP “needs an attitude adjustment,” the senator said.

He joked with Limbaugh, “If you had to sit through one Senate lunch, you’d have to go to therapy for a month.”

The next day, Rush told his audience that “the unbridled hate for Ted Cruz is striking,” comparing it to the contempt once expressed for Richard Nixon and George W. Bush (Free audio).

Mark Levin

Mark Levin was blunt: “I think Obama is unstable” (Free audio).

The host said on Thursday that the president was “in full nut-job mode today,” then proceeded to list examples of Obama’s “serial lying.”

Levin also welcomed Sen. Cruz to his show, calling him “a historic figure” (Free audio).

Cruz told Levin that he takes all the attacks on him “as a compliment,” and vowed to continue challenging the establishment on the left and the right.

Michael Savage

It’s “the biggest shakeup in talk radio history.”

That’s Dr. Michael Savage, talking about his forthcoming move to the prime 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time slot long held by rival radio host Sean Hannity.

Savage predicted this move a month ago, during shakeups within the broadcasting industry’s big syndication players, Clear Channel and Cumulus.

He promised his new audience that they were in for a unique listening experience. In an official statement, Savage said, “Too many talkers may as well be the NPR of the Republican Party – all day long, Republican talking points.”

On the air this week, Savage displayed his independent streak when he criticized Pope Francis for “erasing the boundary between church and state” and sounding “like Che Guevara” (Free audio).

Aaron Klein

Other countries have done it, including some Muslim ones: Should the U.S. ban the burqa? Aaron Klein addressed that issue and many others this week (Free audio).

He explained that by sending aid to Syrian “rebels,” President Obama may have violated a federal anti-terrorism law. Klein also asks why the Benghazi compound was constructed without guard towers and other basic security design features.

On the home front, Klein investigates the background of New York City mayoral candidate Bill De Blasio and exposes his close ties to billionaire “progressive” George Soros.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and comedian Jackie Mason round out the show with humor and insight.

Laura Ingraham

This week, Laura focused on the campaign to stop Obamacare. CNN correspondent Jake Tapper came out in defense of Ted Cruz, insisting, “There’s nothing wrong with bringing attention to an issue you believe in.”

Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio, however, opposed Cruz’s tactics.

“If the bill goes back to the House, we can do things that are politically popular that will put us in a better position to delay Obamacare,” he told Ingraham.

He proposed a one-year delay in implementation instead.

However, when asked what he thought of lawmakers who want to exempt themselves from Obamacare coverage, he said, “When you write the law, you’ve got to live under the law” (Free audio).

Glenn Beck

Beck is an avid collector of historical memorabilia, and last week he added the microphone of “Tokyo Rose” to his collection.

Beck reveals that despite being imprisoned as a traitor after the Second World War, “Rose,” whose real name was Iva Toguri, had actually been on the Allied side.

“History will always point us in the right direction,” Beck said. “The Tokyo Rose story is one of 12 that I have selected to tell in a book that is coming out in a few weeks called ‘Miracles and Massacres: The True History of America,’ the true stories that have been lost on who we really are.”

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