It would seem that no matter what we do in the Middle East, it’s always the wrong thing. We invaded Iraq and destroyed the checkmate Iraq had on Iran. We invaded Afghanistan and became allied with a corrupt administration, and now we’re no better off than before. We “liberated” Egypt and Libya, and those places are in a civil war and hate us. We went to war in those places without an adequate strategy, just reacting to events. We are now again contemplating facing off against Syria, again with no strategy.

No matter what we do, well-intentioned though it is, it always seems to be the wrong thing. Doesn’t anyone in government have a clue about what our aims are or what’s at stake? Does anyone actually know anything about the Middle East? We’re stupid, and we’re being run by stupid people. We were wrong to jump in, and now we’re wrong not to jump in.

One thing to consider: no matter what we’re inclined to do there, it’ll be the wrong thing to do. Whatever we plan to do, we should do the opposite. With our record for screw-ups, it’s the better plan of action.

Joachim Bromet

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