With Obamacare in the news, let’s play “What if.” What if you are a big Obama fan and think Obamacare if the greatest thing ever. Let’s also say that like millions of others you take blood pressure pills and a pain pill for a bad back. The doctor you have been going to for years routinely prescribes refills for these medications. Then one day you learn your doctor has taken early retirement because of Obamacare.

On your next trip to the pharmacy the pharmacist says you’ve run out of refills and a new prescription is required. Your doctor no longer practices, and you don’t know where he is anyway. So the only way to get the drugs you depend on is to see a new doctor. And you know that without your meds your blood pressure could skyrocket and cause a stroke. So you better see a new doctor, and fast. Of course, doctors are much busier now because of increased patient loads and a doctor shortage. So you’re in 10 kinds of trouble. But hey, Obama is president. You got what you wanted. Deal with it. And good luck. You’ll need it.


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